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PXG To Bring Its Immersive U.S. Retail Experience To The United Kingdom

PXG London South

PXG, a renowned company renowned for its commitment to crafting the world’s finest golf equipment and apparel, has recently unveiled its ambitious expansion plans beyond the borders of the United States.

In an exciting announcement, the company disclosed its intention to inaugurate its inaugural brick-and-mortar flagship store in the United Kingdom this coming November.

Titled “PXG London South,” this premier golf destination promises to offer golf enthusiasts an unparalleled experience in club fitting, catering to players of all skill levels. Moreover, it will serve as a showcase for PXG’s cutting-edge high-performance golf apparel.

Situated within the PXG UK custom build and distribution center, which was established in May 2022 to serve as the epicenter of the company’s European operations, PXG London South is poised to be a significant addition.

Spanning an impressive 3,500 square feet, this store is designed to replicate the exceptional retail and service experience synonymous with PXG in the United States.

Within its confines, patrons will find two custom fitting bays, complete with comfortable guest seating, and state-of-the-art golf simulators equipped with TrackMan technology.

Additionally, the store will boast a dedicated putter fitting area. For those seeking the latest in PXG’s offerings, a spacious retail showroom will be brimming with PXG’s latest apparel, accessories, and the much-acclaimed PXG Xtreme Golf Balls.

What truly sets this venture apart is the immersive retail experience that PXG London South promises to deliver, backed by the expertise of PXG’s Master Fitters and Retail Associates.

With their profound knowledge of the game and PXG’s products, customers can expect tailored guidance and top-tier service.

For golf aficionados, this marks a pivotal moment as PXG continues its global expansion, offering a haven for enthusiasts to experience the perfect blend of technology, innovation, and style in the heart of the United Kingdom.

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