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Insect And Plant Protein Powders Launched By Protein Rebel

Protein Rebel Insect And Plant Protein

Protein Rebel is revolutionising sports nutrition by launching cricket and plant-based high protein powders. With a focus on all-natural ingredients, Protein Rebel is spearheading healthy and sustainable alternatives to whey-based protein shakes.

Protein Rebel founder, Tim Boote, says, “Protein Rebel is about doing things differently. We don’t use whey, sugar or lab-made micronutrient blends in our products. Instead, we have clean, 100 per cent natural ingredients that are great for the body and kind to the planet. We’ve mastered making new types of proteins, such as plants and insects, taste great while retaining all their nutritional properties.”

“Plus, our powders don’t give you that bloated feeling. In fact, crickets are an all-round superfood as they’re highly nutritious and contain a natural prebiotic to give the gut a healthy boost.”

Three Protein Rebel powders are launched: Reload (£28.95 for 19 servings) – a cricket and plant-based high protein powder that’s great for building and repairing muscle mass; Recover (£23.95 for 13 servings) – a high protein and high carbohydrate vegan sports nutrition powder for refuelling glycogen stores post-workout; and Replace (£28.95 for 17 servings) – a vegan meal and snack replacement protein powder for slimming down and toning up.

All are available in dark chocolate and banana flavours.

Research proves that plants and crickets are high in protein and very nutritious. Crickets are nutritionally right up there with kale, goji berries and turmeric. They’re rich in protein and essential amino acids, high in iron and vitamin B12 and are packed full of prebiotic fibre making them good for the gut. Insects have also been found to be great sources of zinc, copper, magnesium and manganese.

Boote adds, “Crickets and plants are great sources of protein and have a much lower impact on the planet than whey. If people want to enjoy high protein supplements in a clean and natural way while reducing their impact on the environment, it’s time to try new types of proteins such as insects and plants. They’re the foods of the future.”

Protein Rebel powders are available to purchase at and by using discount code 25%OffLaunchRebel, customers can enjoy 25 per cent off their first purchase.

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