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Police Try Mindfulness To Beat Burnout

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 17:42, 11 November 2019

It has recently been revealed police are using online mindfulness resources to deal with the high-stress of their jobs.

Stress is a significant problem for the police. In fact, nearly 10,000 officers, equivalent to one in 12, took time off sick with stress or anxiety over the past year, according to figures released this summer! A trial of online mindfulness resources across five constabularies found that there was an improvement in wellbeing, life satisfaction, resilience and performance for the officers that participated – its no wonder mindfulness is becoming so popular. Online mindfulness tools are ideal for modern life and our on-the-go culture.

Psychologist Suzy Reading working in association with ThinkWell-LiveWell ( the online mindfulness toolkit for practical people explains why ThinkWell-LiveWell is a great online mindfulness resource.

“There is always a place for one to one therapy but the benefits of an online programme like ThinkWell-LiveWell lies in immediacy, accessibility, cost and range of choice. It can take a long time to be referred to a practitioner, to actually get an appointment, the cost can be considerable and a barrier for many and it can take time to find the right fit with the therapist and modality of therapy. People can access TWLW straight away and get started where they feel most drawn, seeing benefits immediately. There is no need to arrange childcare or take time off work. Without leaving the house, in just 5 minutes of downtime, people can seek the support and practical tools they need to invest in their health and feel a difference.”

Who Can Benefit From Mindfulness?

“Absolutely everyone, regardless of their experience and feelings towards mindfulness can benefit from these programs. Often it can be the language used in mindfulness activities that sit uncomfortably for some and TWLW ingeniously makes these practices accessible by using careful terms and phrasing. The opportunity to personalise each activity also breaks down barriers to engagement and enjoyment. All activities are lead in such a way that no prior experience is required and the supporting self-help documents make potentially difficult concepts very easy to understand. TWLW expertly guides you through step, by step, teaching you the skills of mindfulness and more, in a way that resonates personally for each individual.”

Mindfulness and more!

“The benefits of TWLW lie in the great breadth of choice available to the user. The programs are self-directed and people can take action where they most feel drawn, returning to choose a different track once that wave of change is integrated. People need a broad toolkit from which to draw and this is exactly what TWLW helps people develop. By offering a range of tools combining different therapies there truly is something for everyone. Mindfulness is just one approach, there are many other ways of working that yield great therapeutic potential. TWLW also offers the opportunity to work through specific issues of interest such as reducing sugar intake, exercise and phobias.”

Why ThinkWell-LiveWell?

“The flexibility in how each activity is delivered is a real point of difference in terms of online mindfulness tools. TWLW offers an impressive capacity for personalisation, accommodating learning style, terminology, preference for music and timing. There is also a vast array of supporting self-help documents which deepens people’s understanding of the tools and how they help create change. In essence, this platform not only empowers people with tools but educates them on the psychology of behaviour change, amplifying their likelihood of successfully achieving their goals. The tailoring and personalisation keep the platform feeling fresh and evolving, and the objective feedback provided by the progress tracker helps boost motivation and staying power.”

It takes 21 days to form a new habit, so why not try a month subscription to ThinkWell-LiveWell for £8.00 and see how mindfulness can work for you!

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