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Peter Andre And Ben Smith Join Forces To Create A New Health App ‘#itsfine’

pete andre and ben smith

Ben Smith, alongside singer and TV personality Peter Andre have created a new no points, no syns and no guilt health app called #itsfine, which is available to download from today.  

#itsfine tailors the user’s calories over a week, making it more manageable and sustainable with weekly targets instead of the usual inflexible and stressful calorie count per day.

This gives complete flexibility around the person’s unique lifestyle and meal choices to achieve sustainable results.  

Giving users this flexibility and saying ‘it’s fine’ allows them to break free from FAD diet cultures and have all the tools they need for long-term success living the #itsfine lifestyle. 

Some of the most popular FAD diets on the market cost up to 17 times the monthly cost of #itsfine, making them not only extremely expensive but also ineffective in the long run. 

According to the British Dietetic Association, it is highly common that people who have partaken in a fad diet often end up eating more than they originally did and end up “piling the pounds back on”.

This then leads to a vicious cycle of restricting and bingeing, which can have a detrimental impact on overall health and wellness. 

Packed with hundreds of delicious recipes with the ability to swap ingredients, and the freedom to say it’s fine to all foods you love without feeling guilty.

#itsfine encourages users to lead a balanced lifestyle by giving them back the power to have their favourite takeaway or to have that slice of cake they have been craving without feeling guilty.

No foods are good or bad and there are no restrictions when it comes to meal choices.

The app also allows users to set and track their own goals and get organised with the diary planner.

With the festive season rapidly approaching #itsfine users can still lose weight, get healthy and enjoy life without having to feel as though they are missing the moments that we all enjoy.  

Ben Smith, Co-Founder and Head of Nutritional Development said: “I pioneered the nutrition industry, by making the concept of tailored nutrition accessible online over 10 years ago and have since helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Owning and running what is regarded as one of the most successful weight  management products in the UK, my passion and interest come from not only my frustration and desire to rescue millions of people from fad diet culture, but also my own  personal journey of losing 140lbs and experiencing first-hand just how destructive the  dieting industry can be.”

Peter Andre said: “I’ve been using this approach for years but I just hadn’t found anything to help me with it.

Experiencing the pressure put on people in the entertainment industry to lose weight caused me to see a wider problem in society.

In searching for my own solution, I found Ben and the #itsfine lifestyle and joined the business with the goal of rescuing people  from fad diets.” 

Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for just £11.99 a month, or quarterly for  £29.99 and yearly £83.99.