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Pau Gasol Joins, Therabody, As Athlete, Investor And Strategic Advisor

Pau Gasol x Therabody

Wellness technology and percussive therapy brand, Therabody, has officially announced its partnership with the six-time All-Star, three-time Olympic medallist and world champion, Pau Gasol, as an athlete, investor and strategic advisor to the U.S. based brand. 

The Spanish player recently retired after more than 20 years in the Spanish National Team, NBA and ACB leaving a legacy as one of the best international players in league history.

His contributions to society, both on and off the court, have been equally as impressive being appointed Global Champion for the Nutrition and Zero Childhood Obesity by UNICEF and creating with his brother Marc Gasol the Gasol Foundation, which aims to fight against childhood obesity by promoting healthy habits.

His philanthropic work has garnered recognition with prestigious awards like Principe de Asturias Spanish awards for Sports received by the Spanish Basketball Team in 2006; and the Princesa de Asturias Award in 2015.

“I’ve used Theragun for many years, and I love the results. I feel very comfortable and confident with the products, and they have helped me prolong my career and perform better out there. Now, as I’ve transitioned in my career, it has also made me feel better overall. Taking care of my body is very important, and Therabody helps me do that.”

– Pau Gasol 

His contributions to our global communities continue through his commitment to health and wellness, reinforcing the critical importance of recovery in living a healthy lifestyle. 

Athletes know how important recovery is to playing at any level. Specifically in basketball, the high intensity and multi-directional movements of the game can lead to large amounts of stress and fatigue in the lower body.

Gasol has been using Therabody devices for his recovery for years, consciously dedicating specific time to it.

He uses a Theragun, the world’s first percussive massage therapy device, on his calves, quads, and glutes before and after games and practices to help keep his muscles loose and accelerate recovery time.

In addition to Theragun, Gasol also uses RecoveryAir® pneumatic compression boots before bedtime and after games to help reduce any muscle soreness and stiffness that players may experience from playing in a high volume of games during the regular season. 

As a Therabody athlete, Pau Gasol joins a prestigious group of partners who praise the countless performance and recovery benefits that the brand has to offer, including Real Madrid’s Men’s and Women’s teams, soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, soccer player Trent Alexander-Arnold, American Football Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins, Basketball all-star Paul George, and tennis great Maria Sharapova.

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