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Perkbox And Gympass Partner To Expand Wellbeing Rewards

Enjoying physical activity benefits with Gympass

Over 2 million benefits and rewards are redeemed by employees each year on the Perkbox platform; its holistic benefits offering includes access to a wellbeing hub that supports across financial, physical and mental health, making the addition of Gympass timely and welcome. 

Employers signed up to Perkbox give a monthly allowance of points for their employees to spend on their choice of perks.

With workplace wellbeing viewed as increasingly important amongst employees, the wealth of in-person fitness facilities, on-demand workouts and 1-to-1 PT sessions available via Gympass adds significant value to the platform.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Perkbox and extending our entire portfolio to over 4,500 businesses in the UK,” says Sami Missous, Head of Strategic Partnerships UK & Ireland at Gympass. 

“Perkbox clearly has a highly engaged and responsive audience of employees looking for benefits and rewards, and we are excited by the prospect of bringing them more physical, mental and financial health and wellbeing options.

We have high hopes for this strategic partnership and look forward to helping Perkbox meet the growing demand for wellbeing perks and benefits.”

“In the era of hybrid working, employees are looking to employers to support their wellbeing like never before.

Providing users with dynamic and comprehensive support allows them to choose the benefits that serve them best across the wellbeing pathways – whether physical, mental or financial,” says Joel Tobias, Global Partnership Director at Perkbox.

“Adding Gympass to our platform enhances our digital wellbeing offering and means that employees in any location, whether in the office or at home, can take advantage of a range of wellness solutions including live and virtual classes, personal trainers, nutrition programmes or fitness education.”

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