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Free App Membership Tier and New Peloton Gym Feature Unveiled

fit young guy works out to peloton app

Peloton announces the start of the company’s next chapter as it undergoes a repositioning to reflect its wide range of offerings for everyone, regardless of their level or location.

The relaunch includes a vibrant new brand identity and campaign, the introduction of new Membership tiers, and the release of a new content feature called Peloton Gym.

With this relaunch, Peloton aims to make its expert Instructors and world-class content accessible to everyone, even for free.

Leslie Berland, Peloton’s Chief Marketing Officer, states, “With this brand relaunch, we’re reflecting the vibrancy and fullness of everything Peloton has to offer to everyone.

We’re shifting perceptions from in-home to everywhere, fitness enthusiasts to people at all levels, exclusivity to inclusivity across all Peloton Members present and future.”

The new brand identity and creative campaign highlight Peloton’s fitness offerings for individuals of all ages, levels, and walks of life. It features a bold colour palette that captures the energy of a great workout and the satisfaction that follows.

The campaign showcases powerful still imagery of actual Members, showcasing their transformation and emotions before and after their workouts.

Peloton collaborated with Mother Design and Uncommon Creative Studio for the brand expression, while Stink Studios and Stink Films director ®Jones were appointed for global creative.

Peloton’s strategic evolution goes beyond being just a bike company, as more than half of all workouts in its recent financial quarter were not cycling-related.

The company aims to mirror the usage and experience of its Members, who engage with Peloton’s 16 fitness modalities, including Yoga, Meditation, Walking, and Strength—the most popular form of fitness for Peloton’s digital subscribers.

To provide broader access to its diverse fitness content, the Peloton App will now offer its most expansive collection of free classes since its launch in June 2018.

Peloton introduces five distinct Membership tiers, including three newly launched App Membership Tiers, in addition to the existing All Access Membership (for hardware owners) and Guide Membership (for Guide owners).

The new App tiers cater to beginners and enthusiasts alike, offering the flexibility to work out with or without equipment, whether at home, outdoors, or at the gym, independently or with instructional guidance.

Peloton Row content will also be available on the App for the first time. Across all App tiers, Members will have access to expert instruction, the Just Work Out feature for tracking workouts, and the industry’s leading music library.

The new App tiers allow users to personalize their Peloton experience according to their daily fitness needs, which may vary. The tiers include:

  1. Peloton App Free: Designed to supplement a user’s existing workout routine or provide a taste test of Peloton’s offerings for newcomers. This tier offers over 50 classes across 12 modalities, allowing users to pair workouts based on their individual interests and changing goals over time. It also includes a rotating set of featured classes that will be regularly refreshed. This tier is completely free of charge.
  2. Peloton App One: Designed for Members who desire unlimited access to thousands of classes across 9 of Peloton’s 16 modalities, including Strength, Meditation, Outdoor Walking, Yoga, and more. App One Members can also participate in up to three equipment-based cardio classes per month, such as Cycling, Tread, or Row. New on-demand and live classes will be offered almost daily, along with access to Peloton’s Challenges, Programs, and Collections. The pricing for App One is £12.99 per month or £129 per year.
  3. Peloton App+: Aimed at users seeking frictionless and unlimited access to Peloton’s extensive library (excluding Lanebreak or Scenic classes). This tier includes all offerings from App One and unlocks access to thousands of equipment-based cardio classes that can be done on any indoor bike, treadmill, or rower. App+ Members also enjoy exclusive access to classes featuring the latest specialty content. The pricing for App+ is £24 per month or £240 per year.

Price adjustments for existing digital-only members will take effect on Tuesday, December 5, 2023. For more detailed information, please visit Peloton’s Membership page at

Peloton is also introducing a new content feature called Peloton Gym, available across all Membership tiers.

Peloton Gym empowers Members to achieve their strength goals by providing workout routines that are written out, demonstrated in supporting videos, and designed to be completed at their own pace.

Peloton Instructors offer a series of floor-based routines, enabling Members to time their workouts and choose from different types of strength classes, thus allowing personalization to meet their specific needs at any given time.

Peloton Gym will continually leverage Instructor expertise and Member feedback to enhance the Strength modality experience over time, in line with the approach taken with all App features.

Price changes for existing digital-only members will go into effect on Tuesday, December 5, 2023. For more information please visit the Membership page at: