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Optimize Your Spring Wellness: Expert Tips for Embracing the Great Outdoors

Liv at Loch Laggan

As people plan to get outdoors in the upcoming spring months, experts from GO Outdoors have partnered with Liv Bolton, author and host of ‘The Outdoor Fix’ to explain the benefits of being outdoors, as well as offer tips on how to get started with your new outdoor hobby. 

Liv comments Getting outdoors doesn’t have to mean going on a massive hike in the mountains, or travelling up to the highlands of Scotland – it can mean simply exploring a local green space you’ve never been to before with your kids and treating it like a big adventure.”  

Liv Bolton on Te Araroa trail near Lake Tekapo in 2018

Getting outdoors can have a huge impact on your mental health, with scientific research supporting the idea that spending time in nature positively affects mental health¹.  

Walking outside has even been shown to lower rates of anxiety, depression and a negative mood when compared with time spent clocking up miles on an indoor treadmill. It can also boost self-esteem. 

Although getting outdoors and exercising may seem like something that must be planned and can be intimidating, Outdoor Expert Liv Bolton has offered her top tips on how to get outdoors

Liv’s Top Tips To Get Outdoors More

Start Small with a Daily Walk:

Even in the busiest of schedules, finding 15 minutes for a daily walk can work wonders.

Pay attention to the details – the rustle of leaves, the chirping of birds, the changing seasons. This simple practice can help shift your focus away from daily stresses and bring a sense of calm.

Join a Walking Community:

Harness the power of community by joining a walking group. Whether it’s Adventuress in the Wild, Black Girls Hike, the Ramblers, Love Her Wild, Adventure Queens, or Blaze Trails, these groups offer not only a chance to explore nature but also the company of like-minded individuals.

Set Outdoor Challenges:

Motivate yourself by setting achievable outdoor challenges. Whether it’s a weekly run, a brisk walk, or an outdoor swim, having a goal can turn the outdoors into an exciting playground.

Rory Southworth’s approach of spending time outside between 5-9 pm, at least four nights a week, is a great example.

Explore Your Local Area:

Adventure might be closer than you think. Use your phone’s maps to discover local green spaces you have never explored before.

Pack a flask of coffee, venture into the unknown, and see what hidden gems your surroundings hold. You might be surprised by the beauty just a short walk away.

Time Your Outings for Golden Hour:

Take a cue from photographers and time your outdoor excursions during the golden hour – the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset.

The soft, golden light and long shadows can transform even familiar landscapes, making your outdoor experiences truly magical and a great opportunity to capture photos.

Use Nature Apps:

Technology can enhance your outdoor experience. Download nature apps like iNaturalist and RSPB My Nature to identify plants and birds.

This not only adds an educational element to your outings but also deepens your connection to the natural world. This is great for getting kids involved too!

Schedule Outdoor Adventures:

Treat your outdoor activities with the same importance as any other commitment.

Book adventures into your diary, whether it’s a weekend hike, a picnic in the park, or a day exploring a nearby nature reserve.

Prioritise these outings to ensure they become a regular part of your routine.

Attract Wildlife to Your Space:

Bringing nature to you can be as simple as installing a bird feeder. Watching birds visit your backyard not only connects you with wildlife but also provides an opportunity to learn more about different bird species.

Embrace the Changing Seasons:

Each season brings its own unique beauty. Whether it’s the vibrant colours of autumn, the tranquillity of a snowy landscape, or the blossoms of spring, make an effort to appreciate and experience the outdoors in all its seasonal glory.

Celebrate the Transformative Power:

The outdoors has the potential to transform lives. Take inspiration from individuals like Nic Hardy, who shifted from a non-outdoorsy lifestyle to climbing mountains and becoming an ambassador for outdoor apps. Let the outdoors be a source of positive change in your own life.

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