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OpenFit: Introducing Shokz First Fully Wireless Ear-Buds

woman wearing shokz wireless earbuds

Shokz, the consumer electronics brand known for being a pioneer in open-ear headphones, has released its latest innovation, OpenFit

Unlike traditional ear-buds, which sit in your ear canal and block out external sounds, OpenFit is built around the ear and leaves the inner ear open for all-day comfort. This design also enables real-time situational awareness for safety. 

Using new acoustic technology, DirectPitch, sound waves are sent into the ear through air conduction, without having to push in an ear-bud. Instead of the inner ear being vibrated, it is the air. 

To avoid audio leaking out of an open ear into the outside world, DirectPitch pushes sound pressure towards the ear canal, so listeners can hear the sound clearly and maintain privacy. 

Meanwhile, OpenFit’s AI Noise Cancellation for phone calls ensures call quality. This technology has been tested and proven in common noisy call settings – such as train stations – filtering out up to 99.7% of ambient noise. 

OpenFit ear-buds provide up to seven hours of listening on a single full charge. The protective charging case extends the ear-buds to a battery life of 28 hours for all-day listening. For those on the run, a five-minute charge gives one hour of battery life. 

From a fit perspective, the Dolphin Arc Ear Hook ensures a secure and stable fit, preventing the earpieces from slipping out, even during intense workouts or active daily routines. The OpenFit ear-buds are well matched for any dampness or sweat sustained during exercise, but not suitable for swimming.    

Meanwhile, an ultra-soft double-layered silicone design moulds gently to the contours of your ears for ultimate comfort. Weighing just 8.3g, a featherlight construction and balanced weight distribution means you will barely notice the ear-buds are there. 

With the Shokz app – compatible with both Apple and Android phones – users can quickly and easily pair the OpenFit headphones with the app to customise frequency and set up the volume at ease. 

Shokz OpenFit ear-buds are available to purchase now in black or beige, retailing at £179 from the Shokz website and Amazon