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In Review: On’s New Cloudtec Phase Is Here To Make Serious Waves In The Running Shoe Industry

On Cloudtec Shoes

The On Cloudsurfer is a revolutionary running shoe that has been updated with the latest CloudTec Phase® technology to provide an even smoother ride than its predecessor.

The engineers at On Labs have used computer-optimized technology to investigate the impact of structures and materials on the human body while running, resulting in the development of cutting-edge CloudTec Phase® midsole technology.

CloudTec Phase™ – Swiss technology levelled up

Over a decade ago, On launched its first shoes that combined performance and comfort – creating the sensation of “running on clouds.”

The CloudTec Phase® midsole features newly shaped elements made from Helion™ super foam that collapse like dominos and interlock to provide a revolutionary rolling motion and stride transition.

This design ensures a level stride throughout the foot’s roll and proper energy return, making the Cloudsurfer one of the most comfortable and supportive running shoes on the market.

The Cloudsurfer’s standout features include the 13 individual clouds in the CloudTec sole that compress and adapt to your foot strike, providing a custom-fit feel that enhances comfort and performance.

The shoe’s midfoot cage provides a secure, locked-in feel, while the heel counter keeps your foot in place and prevents excessive pronation. The lacing system evenly distributes pressure across the foot, reducing the risk of hotspots or discomfort.

Going the distance for sustainability

The new Cloudsurfer is also a sustainable option, with On using the dope-dyeing method to colour the upper, saving 95% of water compared to conventional dyeing methods.

Additionally, the CloudTec Phase® midsole doesn’t require a Speedboard® plate, which reduces weight and waste. The upper is also made of 100% recycled materials.

Miles from where they started

Always looking to change the status quo, the team at On Labs is constantly innovating to create new products and technologies that give every runner the best experience – whatever their level.

While the new Cloudsurfer is the first model built with CloudTec Phase®, other models will follow. And the original CloudTec® will remain an integral part of the product portfolio.

The Cloudsurfer is the first of many On shoes to make runners feel like the city is their playground. Whether running a new personal best or a podium finish at a marathon – the Cloudsurfer is designed to make you feel good at every step.

The Cloudsurfer is a versatile shoe that can be used for various activities, including running, walking, or even as a casual shoe.

Its unique design and colour options make it a fashionable choice for fitness enthusiasts looking to make a statement with their footwear.

In conclusion, the new Cloudsurfer is here and it’s going to make serious waves. the On Cloudsurfer is a high-performance running shoe that combines innovative design, comfort, and support to provide a superior running experience.

Whether you’re a serious runner or a fitness enthusiast looking for a versatile and stylish shoe, the Cloudsurfer is a great choice that won’t disappoint.

The Cloudsurfer is available for £150 from and selected retail partners worldwide from March 23, 2023.