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On Unveils the Ultimate Speed Revolution: The Cloudboom Echo 3 And Cloudspikes Take Athletes To New Heights

athlete wearing on shoes

Get ready for a seismic shift in the world of marathon running as On, the Swiss sportswear brand announces the highly anticipated release of their fastest-ever shoes.

The Cloudboom Echo 3 and Cloudspikes are set to revolutionize the racing game, leaving competitors in their dust.

The Cloudboom Echo 3, designed to shatter personal bests and propel runners to victory, combines the invaluable insights of top athletes with cutting-edge footwear innovation.

Featuring the groundbreaking Helion™ HF hyperfoam, derived from castor beans, this shoe is a true game-changer. It not only provides impeccable impact protection but also boasts unrivalled energy return, thanks to its fusion of high-performance materials.

Prepare to be propelled forward with On’s signature CloudTec® and a carbon Speedboard® nestled between the midsole layers of the Cloudboom Echo 3.

This unique spoon-shaped full Carbon Speedboard® acts as your personal turbocharger, ensuring your fastest marathon yet. The shoe’s high-tech upper, composed of a single cohesive woven structure, strategically offers zones of breathability, guaranteeing optimal performance and comfort.

But hold on tight, because On has more in store for us. Alongside the highly anticipated Cloudboom Echo 3, On is restocking its very first spike shoes, poised to conquer the track and field races of the world.

Cloudboom Echo 3 and Cloudspikes

The Cloudspike 1500m and 10000m have been crafted in collaboration with On’s OAC athletes, ensuring top-tier performance.

The Cloudspike 10000m, the long-distance race spike, seamlessly combines On’s CloudTec® and Helion™ HF hyperfoam with a fibreglass spoon-shaped Speedboard®.

This winning combination sustains peak performance at high paces. With six removable spikes and a surface-gripping heel pad, exceptional traction is guaranteed.

Each spike proudly bears the inscription “Designed and developed in Zurich. Tested in Boulder and St. Moritz,” a testament to the meticulous testing process conducted with OAC athletes.

Cloudboom Echo 3 and Cloudspikes

For those seeking explosive speed in mid-distance races, look no further than the Cloudspike 1500m. Engineered to be a lightweight construction of under 140 grams, this shoe incorporates On’s CloudTec® and Helion™ HF hyperfoam, accompanied by a carbon Speedboard®. Five removable spikes on a horseshoe plate ensure a firm grip on the track, allowing athletes to unleash their true potential.

The Cloudboom Echo 3 and Cloudspikes are the epitomai of speed, comfort, and performance. Designed for athletes who dare to push their limits, these shoes are ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.

Get ready to rewrite the rules of racing and experience the ultimate speed revolution.