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Is Workout Wear In The Office The New Way To Go?

Woman relaxing her body from office work by practicing yoga scaled

Last updated on August 1st, 2022 at 03:59 PM

This summer, the UK has already seen some of the most record-breaking high temperatures, and for many, the struggle with what to wear to work in the heat can cause real annoyance.

I spoke to the fashion experts at Karen Millen who revealed to me the best hacks to help you stay cool at work while looking stylish at the same time. Alongside the tips is some guidance on which items to opt for this summer if you’re heading into the office.

Hack 1: Wear more clothes – It may sound odd but wearing more clothing on hot summery days can prevent you from working up a sweat.

Obviously, avoid heavy layering with items like tights and thick jumpers – but try adding some lighter layers into the mix. Covering up in light layers will help to keep you protected from sun exposure and keep your skin shaded and cool.

Hack 2: Stay clear from dark clothing – If your dress code is strict on all black – you might want to skip to the last hack!

But, if your workplace is lenient with colours, try opting for lighter-coloured clothing pieces which will reflect heat and light. Black clothing will absorb sunlight and lock in heat so try to avoid dark colours if you can.

Whites, creams and beiges are your safest bet for summery days, and they will help to keep you cool and sweat-free!

Hack 3: Wear your workout clothes – Don’t just wear your workout gear to the gym; try it out in the office!

Most workout clothing is designed to keep you cool whilst enduring physical activity; therefore, the fabrics and linings of these pieces are often created in breathable, lightweight and airy fabrics.

Not only will workout pieces keep you cool, but the athleisure trend is extremely popular, so no one will bat an eyelid.

Hack 4: Wear breathable fabrics – Not only are materials such as cotton always a cooler option, but linen is also a solid trend which returns every summertime.

Its textured weave will keep you feeling fresh all day, and while this lighter fabric absorbs the heat, the light colour will reflect most sunlight anyway.

Cotton is also a staple in every wardrobe, so if linen isn’t something you want to venture into, a cotton t-shirt or dress will do the job perfectly!