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In Review: NOERDEN MINIMI Smart Body Scales

noerden minimi

If you like to manage not only your weight but also the internal biology of your body then you may want to take a look at the smart products on offer from Noerden.

French Digital Fitness Tech company NOERDEN was launched by Christophe Cermolacce, only as recently as 2017 and is finding his products into UK stores such as Curry’s and Maplins (online). 

Cermolacce’s premise is based on a simple life principle: “Small changes in daily habits can have an important positive impact on your body and mind in the long run. We believe tech and data can make the world fit and healthy by guiding slight changes in daily habits.”

I was introduced to the MINIMI Smart Body Scale and at first glance was impressed with its sleek-looking style and compact size making it fairly lightweight to move around the house if need be.

The only downside I would say though is that if you have large feet they may hang over the top and bottom of the scales.

The scales come with a Bluetooth connection to analyze body composition through 9 detailed biometrics that link to the NOERDEN app. 

The MINIMI scales provide advice in the App to help you improve your health choices, being a gym regular I like my scales to help me see how my regime is helping my internal makeup as well, these scales helped me do just that by informing me of not only my weight but also on my Visceral Fat, Metabolic Age, Hydration, Fat Mass, Lean Body Mass and Bone Mass as well as my BMI which I personally don’t take much interest in.

All the data is synced and stored on the app with a handy integration to Apple Health and Google Fit which for me is extremely handy.

All NOERDEN fitness tech devices are conveniently synchronized to the same app.

They analyze your data with algorithms and provide you with simple daily guidance adapted to your profile on our mobile app. 

NOERDEN also offers smart body scales, smart bottles and hybrid smartwatches.

The Minimi scale that I reviewed included the following features: 

• Invisible LED Digital Screen 

• Tempered Glass Surface Material 

• Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) 

• 4 Precision Sensors 

• Unlimited Users 

• Bluetooth 4.0 Connection 

• Auto Synch to the NOERDEN App 

• 27mm thin x 26cm small 

• Lightweight 1.2kg 

• Syncs to Apple Health & Google Fit

To find out more on these Smart Body Scales head over to Noerden