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How Your Nightwear Choices Can Be Affecting Your Sleep


By David Saunders | UPDATED: 11:28, 12 March 2020

It’s no secret that sleep is important, with constant reminders that we should get at least the minimum of 8 hours a night to keep healthy.

A large portion of our physical and mental wellbeing depends on getting a good night’s rest, however, with factors such as tech and daily stress working against us, it is imperative that we tip the scales and increase our chances at great sleep – starting with our nightwear.

This week marks World Sleep Day (March 13) and Sleep Awareness Week and Boux Avenue has taken to their customers to ask them about their nightwear and provide insight on how what you wear to bed and how you care for it can determine just how well you sleep.

Polling over 3,500 of their customers, Boux Avenue’s research revealed:

  • It is believed to be best to wear nothing to bed, however 74% of those polled revealed they do wear nightwear to bed, with 84% admitting to sleeping best when they have less layers on

  • 1 in 5 are buying nightwear for how it looks rather than favouring comfort

  • 86% say that restrictive nightwear has negatively affected their sleep

  • Only 47% consider ‘better sleep’ as a deciding factor when buying new nightwear

  • 40% will only wash their nightwear every 4-7 days

  • Rather than buying nightwear with longevity, 63% are buying new nightwear every year or less

Alongside the above insights, the Boux Avenue Garment Technology team share some advice on how to best care for your sleep wear, to give you the best chance at better sleep.

How often SHOULD you wash your nightwear? 

I would recommend after every couple of wears – if it’s next to your skin, the more it has to spin. 

Why so often and how can dirty nightwear affect your sleep? 

Bacteria can build up overnight, along with bad odours from perspiration. This can attract dust mites and bed bugs as they love dead skin. This can then even contribute to respiratory problems. Additionally, clean nightwear makes you feel refreshed, cosy, and ready for a good night’s sleep. 

How often you should renew our nightwear and why  

“Today’s consumer is growingly invested in making their wardrobe more sustainable and this should transpire from their outerwear right down to their nightwear.”

“When buying your nightwear, you should prioritise quality over look and price, as the better quality of fabric and design, the longer the nightwear’s lifetime. If you make sure you have a handful of different options spanning across winter, summer or are cleverly transitional, then your nightwear should last you years and years, even decades if you take great care of it..”

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