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Long Distance Runner Molly Seidel Talks “She Moves Us”: “Nothing In The World Feels Like Running”

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Last updated on April 18th, 2022 at 03:44 PM

PUMA Running Athlete Molly Seidel talks about her passion for running and how she wants to inspire young women for PUMA’s “She Moves Us” platform

Running Athlete Molly Seidel frankly spoke about the sacrifices and challenges of being a female elite runner in a “She Moves Us” video conversation for Sports company PUMA:  “I’ve had to challenge male standards in my sport in the sense that there are very certain ideas about body image that have been prevalent in running for a long time, in a male-dominated sport.

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And I think as American female distance running takes over, we’ve shown that you don’t have to be anyone kind of body type to succeed. That you can have success being whoever you are.”

The Olympic Bronze Medalist, who will again compete at the upcoming Boston Marathon, wants to empower girls and young women to embark into a career in running: “I want young women to know that you can work hard and enjoy yourself.

There have been certain ideas of what it takes to be successful in this sport, and I think sometimes people equate that with you have to be serious, you have to be straight-faced. And I want to challenge that and say that I think to win you should be enjoying the hell out of what you do.”

“She Moves Us” wants to empower girls and young women through sharing stories and joint efforts to impact their rights globally.  

It is inspired by global pop star and PUMA Ambasssador Dua Lipa who said: “Sharing stories of success is all part of changing the narrative, especially in fields like sports and entertainment that have tended to amplify the accomplishments of men.

Women are already nailing it across the board and celebrating their achievements is exciting and empowering. It also encourages those rising up to aim for the stars.”

PUMA has an inclusive product offering to cater for women and girls in sport: underwear and activewear, modest sportswear, a maternity offering and performance-specific products exclusively engineered for women.

PUMA supports all athletes to perform at the highest level and works with organizations and partners committed to removing barriers in sports.