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Modibodi Presents A Range Of Recycled Active and Biodegradable Towel Leggings

modibodi leggings

Whether you love running or are a yogi, spin addict, HITT champion, or someone that likes to go on long walks, Modibodi®  has you covered to ensure you don’t let any leaks including periods, get in the way of your fitness journey.

The UK’s number one leak-proof and period apparel brand has relaunched its hugely popular fast-selling Recycled 7/8 Active Leggings.

Redesigned and improved, Modibodi’s Recycled 7/8 Active Leggings feature an innovative floating absorbent gusset that is invisible from the outside and has special moisture-wicking material to keep you cool and dry with a butterfly soft feel.

Love to listen to music whilst doing a workout? These new-look leggings now come with a handy pocket so you can keep your phone on you whilst working up a sweat.

Let’s face it, often when we are on our periods, we can’t be bothered to do a workout but, studies show that undertaking exercise can be beneficial to both you and your menstrual cycle.

As exercise promotes the release of endorphins (the happy hormone) it can help with those pesky cramps and help you feel more energized.

Plus, the sweat you release during a workout removes water from your body and as the period bloat is water retention, it can help beat that bloat!

The genius of Modibodi’s Recycled 7/8 Active Legging is that you don’t need to wear any tampons or pads, hey you can even go commando if you please, as these clever leggings are all you need.

To help us all on our fitness journey for 2022, the Modibodi team has also launched a fully biodegradable bamboo towel allowing you do good for the planet while you do good for yourself.

Recycled 7/8 Active Leggings RRP £55.00 and Biodegradable Towel RRP £12, both are available now from

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