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Milon Return To UK Market With Upgraded Intelligent Fitness Circuit

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Milon Industries GmbH has appointed InSpace Fitness as its exclusive UK distributor following a hiatus of almost a decade. InSpace will also take on the relationship with operators who have existing Milon equipment to reinvigorate the brand for members.

Over the past 50 years, Milon has seen great success in over 26 countries around the world. Over 2,500 health clubs, gyms and healthcare facilities offer Milon’s market-leading smart exercise equipment. 

The German-based company has chosen to turn its attention to the UK after recognising a growing interest in Intelligent fitness equipment:

Bernd Reichle, CEO, Milon Industries GmbH ‘After almost a decade focusing on our European business, we are delighted to be re-establishing a presence in the UK, via our partners, InSpace Fitness. The Milon Circuit has been greatly enhanced and developed over the last 10 years. 

With both strength and cardio stations, a marketing leading interface and app, we encourage the industry to reintroduce themselves to our equipment.’

The Milon Circuit is made up of eight cardio and resistance stations.  Operators create a personalised circuit to meet the needs of their members by selecting from a total of 18 machines in the full range.

At each resistance station, the user is provided with real-time feedback on factors like range of motion, power and movement speed, while the CV stations automatically set up a personalised programme, which adjusts throughout the workout to ensure members stay in the right training zone for their goals. The circuit delivers a full body workout in a simple, safe and effective way, in 40 minutes or less.

Milon’s Intelligent exercise equipment provides operators with a solution for a wide range of member groups, from beginners and deconditioned individuals to older adults and even high-level athletes looking for marginal gains.

Jo Weelen, Sales Director at InSpace Operators recognise that they must continue to develop the gym floor to meet the changing needs of the consumer and Milon has a significant role to play in supporting members by delivering time efficient, effective workouts, which offer real-time feedback, progress data and personal statistics.  We are looking forward to working closely with Milon to significantly grow the intelligent fitness market.’

Since launching in 2021, fitness equipment supplier, InSpace has made a name for themselves by providing bespoke fitness solutions to a wide range of operators from boutique gyms to leisure trusts.

Their network of commercial clients and industry expertise will be integral in building Milon’s presence in the UK fitness market once more.

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