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Lymphomania: Gymbox Launches Self-Love Class To Send Your Body Wild

Group of three massaging faces

Disruptive fitness chain Gymbox is launching ‘Lymphomania’ –  a one-of-a-kind self-massage class focused on lymphatic health through mindful movement and touch.

Available for gym-goers to book now, this latest class offers participants 45 minutes of sensual self-stimulation with tapping, shaking, and targeted massage to get your lymphatic system flowing freely again.

The lymphatic system serves as the body’s secondary vascular system, dedicated to ‘purging toxins’ by collecting excess fluid in tissue and returning it to your bloodstream.

But unlike the circulatory system, it needs help from motion, breathing, and massage to keep things moving. Lymphomania provides that necessary TLC.

The class guides members to shake stagnant lymph nodes with rebounding and dancing warmups before massaging the face, neck, and shoulders.

Yoga-inspired stretching opens gut and joint lymph nodes, while breathwork circulates fluid.

With around 600 lymph nodes benefiting from this gentle yet targeted self-care, it’s no wonder the release leaves members feeling so good.

As the latest addition to the Holistic class category, the focus on restoration and rejuvenation makes the perfect option for heavy-lifting gymgoers to unwind on rest days, or new joiners to ease their way into the club.

With every stretch, twist, breath and rub, the session is fully designed to give this vital system a whole lot of love – giving members the release they need to live life with a little more glow.