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How The Leg Master Total Body Can Improve Your Sex Life In 60 Seconds

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Feeling lusty in lockdown? Experts are predicting a baby boom in nine months’ time, and for those looking to boost their bedroom antics even more, the pelvic floor muscles could be the key to making lockdown nights even more orgasmic. 

NHS guidelines advise that pelvic floor exercises can strengthen the muscles around the bladder, bottom, vagina or penis.

Strong pelvic floor muscles not only mean increased sensitivity during sex and stronger orgasms for women, strengthening and training the pelvic floor muscles can also help also reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men.

So it’s not just the ladies – everyone can benefit between the sheets from doing pelvic floor exercises!

The Leg Master Total Body, promises a complete pelvic floor workout in less time than it takes to get undressed – just 60 seconds!

Through the movement, over 200 muscles in the lower and upper body work simultaneously, to raise the entire body weight up against gravity to the top of the specifically designed curved ramp.

In addition, the Pelvic Floor is repeatedly contracted meaning that muscles are strengthened, tightened, and primed for an orgasmically good time.

Dr Margit Oepen is an obstetrician and gynecologist whose patients have tried The Leg Master® Total Body comments: “After using the device for just one minute per day, all my patients have noticed an improved level of strength in the muscles of the legs especially those on the inside section of the upper leg muscles and also inside the pelvic area, here especially the pelvic floor.

The strength has also helped them reduce their symptoms of incontinence so they have a higher level of confidence and security with this difficult condition.

Thermal testing which illustrates the flow of blood and activation of muscles in the pelvic area and the pelvic floor itself.”

It’s common for women to experience pelvic floor problems and incontinence after childbirth, but new research has found that older women who sit for too long are also at risk.

The study, which looked at a group of 495 over-60s, found that those with bladder problems were seated up to 19 per cent longer than others. They are now urging women to sit less and follow simple techniques to fix bladder problems rather than reaching for incontinence pads first.

Fiona Summers’ husband Neil is an inventor and created The Leg Master® Total Bod after the birth of their fifth child.

Fiona says: “When I was 43 years old my pelvic floor was definitely not in good shape. My days of going on the trampoline were definitely over and going out shopping was a challenge unless bathrooms close by.

I didn’t have control and felt embarrassed to talk about it. That’s when I asked my husband to create something to help people like me feel confident again.

We wanted something that everyone could do in the comfort of their own homes, and which would get great results in a short amount of time.

We developed The Leg Master Total Body, the minute-a-day routine that’ll help you take back control.

It releases endorphins whilst getting a cardiovascular workout and maintaining your fitness levels.

We recommend that you use it for just a few seconds a day, up to 60 seconds, 2 or 3 times a week.”

The Leg Master® Total Body uses your own body weight to provide classic strength training and deliver a full body workout. It slims, tones and shapes the inner thigh, outer buttocks, lower leg, front of the thigh, and back of the thigh. 

It also engages the lower abdominals and the lower back, and with the addition of the NEW flexible handlebar – helps to tones the upper arms, upper back and chest. 

The Leg Master Total Body gives fast results and can be felt working immediately. It is a cardiovascular workout and release endorphins, whilst helping to keep you slim, toned and strong.

It can also be used standing up or sitting down which makes it ideal for both active people and those struggling with mobility issues.

Fiona advises starting with just a few repetitions. “I recommend using The Leg Master Total Body for a few seconds each time, throughout the day.

If you start small -15, 30, 60 seconds each day you can add more and more sessions to see more results. Each time just a couple of repetitions will wake up muscles and start strengthening them. The muscles that do the heavy lifting are those of the inner thigh. These are the hard-to-reach muscles, not normally used in exercise. 

As you stand on the The Leg Master Total Body – your body weight rests on the lower section of the curved ramp, but lifting your body weight up the ramp – even though you’re gliding gently – takes a lot of muscle-power.”

Research has show that during squats, virtually no muscle activity takes place in the ‘inner thigh region’, whereas using The Leg Master works both the quads and also the inner thigh area together.

The same study also highlighted the fact that the metabolic effects of using the LegMaster were equivalent to fast jogging.

Another study showed that when using The Leg Master the muscles of the spine and the back were more highly activated than when walking.  

This study also showed using The Leg Master had significantly less impact on the joints than walking.

The Leg Master® Total Bodycosts £64.95 
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