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Kyrie Irving Creates Bespoke Basketball With Club Legacyz In Bid To Promote Unity Across The Globe

Dallas Mavericks star Kyrie Irving, has teamed up with leading memorabilia and collectables brand, Club Legacyz, to create a hand-painted, limited-edition basketball which promotes unity between different races and cultures across the world.

In collaboration with Club Legacyz, Kyrie Irving has created a basketball like none other.

This unique piece, designed from a canvas he painted, it captures the very essence of unity, tolerance and peace.

Every stroke and detail painted by Kyrie carries intention – a world where every belief and faith stand together in harmony. 

Amidst the painted symbols is the universal sign of “Peace and Love” with a heart underscoring the shared human experience of love and the yearning for understanding. 

Central to it all, a figure stands with his back to us – Kyrie, a participant in this shared journey of faith and love.

The limited-edition ball is being sold on a first-come, first-served basis – with 2000 available. All profits are given to charities supported by the Kai Family Foundation, a charity set up by Kyrie Irving dedicated to serving communities in the tri-state and worldwide.

When asked about the partnership in a recent press conference, Kyrie said: “This is a basketball I designed, from an animist perspective.

It has different symbols from different religions and different cultures. It says “One Tribe, One Family” around the side. Club Legacyz helped me build it and create it.

It’s got me in the middle with some other symbols around it. I just want to promote healthy relationships and utilize basketball as the unifier that it is.

We are in crazy times, it’s 2024, I think we need more unity amongst different races in walks of life, I just thought I’d use basketball as the bridge and create this art piece, this one of one art piece and see what people think about it and continue to produce more if there is a genuine ask or want for it and go from there.

This could be used to play outside or be on your mantle as a good art piece if you want something like this. There is a good story behind it too.”

Balthazar Théobald-Brosseau, the co-founder of Club Legacyz, said: “We’re incredibly excited to partner with Kyrie – a true sporting icon. His creativity, empathy and character have all shone through in this project and he’s the perfect person to have partnered with on what is Club Legacyz’s most personal and intimate partnership to date.

The product we have created with Kyrie is more than just a ball and stands for the shared values that we as a brand and Kyrie wish to uphold and promote.”

Away from Basketball, five of Europe’s top soccer clubs have joined Club Legacyz, the world’s newest memorabilia and collectables brand.

Manchester City FC, FC Barcelona, Paris Saint Germain FC, FC Bayern Munich, Chelsea FC and Arsenal FC have all joined Club Legacyz as the brand looks to disrupt the highly lucrative collectables market, with further plans to launch in the memorabilia space later this year.

As part of the launch, Club Legacyz has revealed a series of limited-edition collectable posters and icons, the first of many unique products to roll out over the coming year.

Behind the launch of Club Legacyz are leading figures from the world of sport who have backed the brand and see a significant opportunity in the market for disruption, including former tennis coach of Serena Williams, Patrick Mouratoglou. 

The posters and icons have been designed with a unique identity for each club featuring leading players from each club including Erling Haaland from Manchester City, Kylian Mbappe for PSG, Jamal Musiala for Bayern Munich and Pedri for Barcelona.

For each of the clubs there are a variety of posters and icons available which run on a limited, first-come first-serve basis. Icons are unique, limited-edition officially licensed collectibles honouring the game’s greatest names.

Each Icon is finished with gold embossing, a holographic effect and sealed in high-quality plexi casing, reflecting the special achievements of the world’s best athletes.

All products also come complete with a digital certificate of authenticity through the inclusion of an NFC tag  – making it the ultimate collector’s item.

To purchase the ball or wider Club Legacyz products, visit: