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Joe Freshgoods Writes a Love Letter to New Balance

joe freshgood fashion

By David Saunders | UPDATED: 05:28, 06 February 2020

New Balance and Joe “Freshgoods” Robinson revealed today the Don’t Be Mad “No Emotions Are Emotions” collection releasing during NBA All-Star weekend and a special letter written by the Chicago-native that expresses his feelings of love for the brand:

“As I sit in and type this in Chicago, My beautiful city… I just wanna say…

How did we get here? No one seen it coming. It’s like it came out of the blue, but with different shades of pink. It’s weird.

It feels like we’ve known each other since forever, that’s why it feels so good. Why do you look so good?

Like butter that melts on a porcelain plate, the pure sight of you just makes me smile.

We about to create history, we about to show people what we can do. Let’s have fun and re-write history baby.

My sweet love,

New Balance.”

joe freshgood shoes

The New Balance and Don’t Be Mad “No Emotions Are Emotions” collection features a MADE 992 silhouette, the OMN1S basketball shoe and apparel that is being sold exclusively at a pop-up shop in Chicago on February 14th – 16th. Follow @joefreshgoods for the pop-up shop announcement details.

“No Emotions are emotions is my game face. It’s for people in the world that don’t speak loudly about what they are going to do, they just do it,” said Robinson. “This is my way of connecting Kawhi’s personality to the collection and to my personal brand during All-Star weekend.”

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