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From Sceptic to Believer: A New Apple iPhone Convert’s Perspective on the iPhone 15 Plus

Apple iPhone 15 plus

As someone who has long been loyal to a different smartphone ecosystem, making the switch to the Apple iPhone last year was a significant leap of faith.

Having been accustomed to a different operating system and device aesthetics, I approached the iPhone with a healthy dose of scepticism.

Apple iPhone 15 plus

Yet, after a few weeks of immersive use of the iPhone 14, I can confidently say that it not only shattered my preconceptions but also turned me into a fervent Apple convert.

Now though after being thoroughly impressed with the iPhone 14, my expectations were sky-high for the iPhone 15 Plus. However, upon exploring the latest release, I must admit that I was left slightly deflated, except for one or two standout features – the design and feel of the phone and the extensively improved camera, especially the remarkable zoom capabilities.

The design of the iPhone 15 Plus is nothing short of spectacular. The seamless blend of glass and metal, along with the slightly curved edges, creates a premium feel that is both elegant and ergonomic.

Apple’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the tactile feedback of the buttons to the placement of the redesigned camera module.

Apple iPhone 15 plus

Navigating through the intuitive interface of iOS 16 feels like a breath of fresh air, the display on the iPhone 15 Plus with its super Retina XDR display left me in awe, with vibrant colours and unparalleled detail whether I was scrolling through social media, watching videos, or playing games. True Tone technology further enhances the viewing experience, adapting the display to ambient lighting conditions seamlessly.

The camera performance is a revelation. The triple-lens setup captured moments with a level of clarity and detail that exceeded my expectations. Night mode proved to be a game-changer, producing stunning low-light shots with sharpness and colour accuracy.

The addition of ProRAW and ProRes video recording options showcased the device’s versatility for both amateur photographers and content creators.

The A16 Bionic chip ensured that every task, from multitasking to gaming, was executed with speed and efficiency. Apps launch swiftly, and the overall performance of the device was noticeably smoother compared to my previous device.

Battery life was another pleasant surprise. Despite the powerful features, the optimized power management and efficiency of the A16 chip allowed me to get through a full day of use without constantly worrying about finding a charging point.

Now, for the moment of truth. Will I go back to my previous smartphone? I highly doubt it, I’m still unsure as I delve into the world of Apple, but I can’t help but notice the considerable price difference.

This may lead me to explore Apple’s competitors, considering the comparisons in pricing and features. The allure of other flagship smartphones might present a compelling argument, making the final decision a more complex consideration between brand loyalty and practicality.

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