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HYROX Announces GAINFUL As Official US Supplement & Performance Nutrition Partner For The Hyrox 2023/24 Race Season

hyrox athletes in action

HYROX, and personal performance nutrition brand GAINFUL have announced their new partnership.

GAINFUL, known for its high-quality, clean, and personalized protein blends and supplements, aims to support individuals on their journey to feel, live, and perform better each day.

Their range of premium performance supplements, including whey and plant-based protein powder, pre-workout options, and performance boosters, will be available for sampling at HYROX races across the U.S. during the upcoming HYROX 2023/24 season.

Dean Kelly, CEO of GAINFUL, expressed his excitement about the partnership, emphasizing that it is a natural fit due to their shared belief in the uniqueness of each person’s path to optimal well-being and performance.

GAINFUL appreciates that HYROX attracts participants of various ages, genders, and athletic abilities, making them an ideal supplement partner.

The personalized approach of GAINFUL enables them to cater to the specific needs of each athlete. While no promises are made regarding victory, Dean Kelly is confident that he will perform better at one of the HYROX events this fall due to being fueled by Gainful.

HYROX is a global fitness race designed for people from all backgrounds and abilities who are committed to creating a healthy lifestyle through their fitness journeys.

The race consists of eight rounds of a 1km run followed by a functional movement. With four different race categories to choose from, HYROX ensures accessibility and challenge regardless of participants’ fitness levels or experience. The categories include Team Relay, Doubles, Individual Open, and Individual Pro.

GAINFUL takes pride in its custom protein blends, which are expertly made in-house to ensure optimal effectiveness. The company also employs a team of Registered Dietitians who provide personalized guidance to GAINFUL customers, helping them find and maintain their stride.

Through this partnership, GAINFUL aims to equip more individuals with elite-level performance nutrition and guidance, supporting consumers at various stages of their fitness journey.

Douglas Gremmen, MD HYROX USA, expressed great enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting how GAINFUL’s high-quality product range, approved by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, will assist every HYROX athlete in achieving their goals. The partnership aligns seamlessly with the determined HYROX community and their committed training methodology.

During the HYROX 2023/24 season, GAINFUL will activate a 20-person Gainful Team, fueled by Gainful performance nutrition, at all HYROX races.

Their optimized performance products, ranging from pre-workout to post-workout, will support individuals in making gains and reaching their goals, regardless of their aspirations.

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