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Hydrate Your Way to Happiness


Qualified university research reveals that being hydrated can improve your mood, increase levels of concentration and reduce the occurrence of headaches.

It also indicates that dehydration can have a negative effect on productivity and when hydrated we perceive activities to be less difficult.

Aqua Optima commissioned its own research with over 2000 respondents which highlights that the majority of the UK (65%) admit to feeling dehydrated every week.

25-34-year-olds are suffering the most, with 80% reporting weekly dehydration side effects, such as tiredness, headaches and low concentration.

Joe Wicks, the fitness sensation and recipe book author, supports these claims, saying that he sees staying hydrated as critical for training and mental clarity:

“I have to start my day with a few glasses of water; then I make sure I’m taking on 2-4 litres each day.

By starting early, and having a few glasses before you train, then sipping throughout the day it makes your mind clearer, your performance better and you have much more energy.

“Even your skin will really improve when you keep doing it. If you don’t like water on its own, just add some lime, or lemon or other fresh fruit into it, it’s just so good for you.”

Top 10 Tips for H2O Hydration:

1. Start early by trying to sip a glass or two of water before having breakfast, this will help you to feel more satiated and less hungry after a night’s sleep.
2. Sip regularly throughout the day by getting into a pattern of drinking little and often.
3. Flavour your water to make it more exciting to taste and to look at, by adding fresh cucumber, mint, lemon or other fresh fruit.
4. Keep a reusable bottle nearby so that you know how much you have sipped and how much more you should be drinking to achieve your daily target.
5. Drink then sweat to hydrate well before training and maximize your performance and focus.
6. Drink water with every meal to remind you to enjoy water during your three meals of the day.
7. Create a new habit to help you to remember to keep drinking water such as having a glass after you’ve been to the bathroom or whilst preparing a meal each day.
8. Drink filtered water to maximize the taste
9. Drink then think by preparing a bottle or glass of filtered water on your desk before you sit down to work, because staying hydrated helps to improve concentration and our perception of how difficult an activity can be.
10. Chill your H20 by popping it in the freezer briefly as chilled water can feel more invigorating and refreshing.

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