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How To Remain Productive During Self Isolation


By Tig Hodson StrongHer co-founder | UPDATED: 11:28, 26 March 2020

Now this is the key to getting through this- but also knowing that being productive doesn’t mean being a busy body it means getting things you need to do, and want to do, in balance.

Our biggest piece of advice is to take this period of time and think about what you would like to be closer to nailing by the end of this isolation.

If you run a business or not- keep in your head what is your purpose, what is your mission – if you haven’t figured that out yet, this is a great time to do it.

Once you have your mission/purpose blazing in your head, you can set some end of lockdown goals that fall in line, things that will really give you a sense of fulfilment.

Your productivity is likely to shift up a notch because thoughts of how the current situation might be limiting you will convert to what you can do in this situation that serves your purpose/mission.

From there, because we are more aware of time, our goals should be broken down to daily, even hourly tasks.

The simple thing of writing down hour by hour the night before of what you are going to do the following day will give you something to look forward to, “a purpose” BUT you have to know what your goals are.

Make sure in your day you are including movement, any movement that helps you get where you want. Now more than ever we recognise the mental benefits of exercise, over what we look like.

Suggested goals you can put on your to-do list include finishing that book that you started way back, take up a course (as loads are currently free), experience some firsts, get in that virtual house party.

We have been gifted the thing that humans crave the most TIME.

Make sure you are scheduling these in hour by hour, it will keep you way more focused and you have got some value from your day.

Although we are isolating, you will continue moving forward.

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