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What is Maskne And How You Can Prevent It


Google searches for ‘How to prevent maskne’ have increased by 811%, the beauty experts at Cosmetify reveal.

But what is ‘maskne’? A new type of acne caused by wearing facemasks. And the problem is only about to get worse, as from today government advice says it’s compulsory to wear a face-covering on public transport.

Cosmetify’s beauty expert Ellie Child offers some expert advice on how to prevent maskne:

“A lot of medical staff have reported that they are suffering from breakouts, redness and irritability around their mouths due to constantly wearing a mask at work.


Essentially, the lack of air circulation combined with the tightness and friction from the mask can in some instances cause minor abrasions and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Combine this with the sweat and oil that the mask can also trap and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. 

“The best way around this problem? Wash the inflicted area gently with clean water and a kind-to-skin cleanser before lightly applying a dermatologist-approved cream such as E45.

Anything with hyaluronic acid is also a bonus as maintaining moisture levels within the skin is key in preventing the skin from drying out.

Ensuring you get enough air to the area when you can should also help with the reduction of breakouts.”

When looking at Google searches around the world Singapore, Philippines, US, Italy & Canada are the countries searching the term ‘maskne’ the most.

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