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The Secret To Living To A Ripe Old Age From Some Of The Worlds Oldest Survivors

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From keeping the mind active to dietary habits, we can reveal how some of the world’s oldest people secrets to a long life. 

Using the latest information from Eden’s Gate who recently researched these golden oldies’ secrets we found out the key to such a long and successful life. 

Jeanne Louise Calment

Being the only person to live beyond 120 years old, Jeanne is reported to have been the oldest person in the world.

Having lived a fortunate childhood and being in a healthy routine from a young age, many of her close family members also lived to impressive ages above the average lifespan.

From being born into a wealthy lifestyle, Jeanne was lucky enough to not need to work full-time jobs so instead enjoyed tennis, bicycling, swimming, roller skating, piano and opera, keeping her fit and healthy which even continued as she hit 100.

When asked what her secret to a long life was, she answered with olive oil, port and chocolate, even giving up smoking at the age of 120.

Kane Tanaka

Kane is currently the oldest person alive, looking forward to extending her record by another year in January. Japan is known for its high life expectancy rates but Kane has exceeded world records, living through five Japanese imperial reigns.

She is currently living in a nursing home with limited family contact due to the Covid-19 pandemic, spending her time enjoying puzzles and board games with staff and being a huge lover of fizzy drinks and chocolate.

Her trick to a long life is keeping the mind active and Kane continues to wake up at 6 a.m before spending time studying subjects such as maths.

Jiroemon Kimura

Being the oldest recorded man on record, Jiroemon passed away in 2013 at 116 years old. Having worked in his local post office until retiring, Jiroeman continued to stay active by helping his son out on the farm.

When asked what his secret to a long life was, he claimed the trick is to “eat light to live long”, maintaining an incredibly positive attitude all throughout his life which lasted right until the end.

His longevity has also been attributed to his lifestyle of waking up early, eating small amounts, reading the newspaper, watching parliamentary debates on television and being surrounded by the love of his family which included 7 grandchildren, 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and 13 great-great-grandchildren.

Saturnino de la Fuente García

Having recently passed away in January of this year, Saturnino made it to an impressive 112 years of age.

He lived in the same Spanish province for his whole life, being one of the founding members of the Puente Castro Football Club before working as a shoemaker once he became a father to eight children.

Even surviving a plane crashing into his home, Saturnino credits his long life to his positivity, saying the key is to “not to get angry and keep a smile on your face”. 

Julio Cesar Mora Tapia & Waldramina Maclovia Quinteros Reyes

Beating a record as the world’s oldest couple, Julio and Waldramina were married for a remarkable 79 years, reaching a combined age of 214.

Meeting as teachers in their 20s, the pair fought through the disapproval of some family members which saw them getting married in secret, putting their long-term success down to “love, maturity, and mutual respect”.

Julio sadly passed away first from dementia while at home in 2020, leaving behind Waldramina who is currently living in Ecuador and spends time with her family going to the movies, theatre, harvesting plants and enjoying large family dinners.