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How To Get Ski Fit Post-Lockdown

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It’s been six long months since resorts across Europe switched off their ski-lifts and the UK’s longest indoor snow slope, Chill Factore, shut its doors. So, to help guests adjust back to the slope, Chill Factore has shared the best exercises to get you ski fit.

In just one hour, a skier can burn over 350 calories, or the equivalent of one and a half Mars bars, so to ensure guests are prepared for their sub-zero workout, and to help prevent injuries, experienced Snow Sports Instructor, Callum Mackenzie, has put together a list of exercises that will strengthen your core, joints, balance and improve your cardiovascular fitness.


Chill Factore Snow Sports Instructor, Callum Mackenzie: “It’s really important that you have good core strength when skiing or snowboarding, as this is what ultimately gives you balance. Snow’s an unpredictable surface so balance is vital to maintain perfect posture and to have a controlled descent on the slope. Simple exercises like the plank and side plank are great ways to test yourself before heading back onto the slope.”


·       Plank and side plank – start at 30 seconds and increase the length of time you hold the position each time

·       Balance on alternate legs – balance on one leg not allowing the other to touch the floor, alternate after 30 seconds


Chill Factore Snow Sports Instructor, Callum Mackenzie: “Skiing and snowboarding can be tough on your knees and ankles. This is because both require a slight bend to help with the impact of uneven terrain. If you’ve not been able to ski or snowboard in a while it’s important that you prepare your joints for this pressure with exercises like squat jumps and ankle rotations.”


·       Jumping squats – jump up and down in squat position for 30 seconds

·       Ankle rotations – rotate your ankles clockwise and anti-clockwise to help with mobility


Chill Factore Snow Sports Instructor, Callum Mackenzie: “I think it goes without saying that skiing and snowboarding requires a lot of lower body strength. Building up this leg strength is done over time when you’re on the slope regularly, but some squat holds or lunges can help build up strength in the quads and glutes faster.”


·       Squat holds – hold a squat, either free standing or against a wall, for a minute and repeat daily

·       Lunges – step backwards on alternate legs into a lunge position for 30 seconds. Once you feel confident doing this you can progress to jumping lunges


Chill Factore Snow Sports Instructor, Callum Mackenzie: “At sub-zero temperatures your heart has to work a lot harder to pump blood around your body, so cardiovascular fitness is key. It’s been hard for many people to maintain this during lockdown, so before heading back onto the slope try some short sprints or burpees.”


·       Sprints – Run for 30 seconds, followed by jogging for 20 seconds. Repeat this up to five times if possible to increase your heart rate

·       Burpees – Jump up and bend down into a plank. Do this for 30 seconds to increase blood flow around the body

Chill Factore has reopened its doors with a ‘We’re Good To Go’ accreditation from Visit England, meaning that all of safety measures in place throughout the attraction are in line with government guidelines.

All guests must book online and wear a face coverings around the attraction and on the slope.

If this is the first time you’ve exercised in a while then make sure you consult your GP before doing the suggested workouts. 

To book and find out more information please visit:

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