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Why A Soup Cleanse Is The Answer For A Winter Detox

healthy foods to put in soup

Do you want to get rid of the winter cold and reset your palate? Then a vegan soup cleanse diet might be the answer you’re looking for to help detoxify your body in a warm and hearty way. 

Don’t be fooled! Soup cleanses are very different from the average, run-of-the-mill soup found in your local supermarket. 

These tasty vegetable soup recipes work hard to detoxify the body of toxins accumulated from a diet high in sugars and processed foods – an ever-increasing problem the NHS is determined to tackle by offering soup and shake plans to thousands across the UK to help people with type 2 diabetes maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

It’s easy to see why vegetable soup cleanse programmes are popping up everywhere.

You could even argue that they are replacing smoothies, especially whilst the weather gets colder as nothing sounds better than a warm bowl of soup to kick-start the day! 

Here are the many benefits of soup cleanses: 

Less sugar, more fibre 

You won’t find any added sugars or high contents of sodium here! With a soup cleanse, these are made by blending whole vegetables which retains their nutritional value, allowing the fiber-rich content to remain the same. 

This can leave you feeling fuller for longer, naturally detox your body and keep blood sugar levels steady; reducing the risk of developing diabetes. 


A 2014 survey found in The British Journal of Nutrition revealed that soup consumers had a lower body weight and waist circumference than non-consumers. 

Soup cleanses are low-calorie, super-filling and packed with veggies like  broccoli, cabbage and spinach containing vital vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants that your body needs to function properly on a day to day basis. 

However, it’s important to note that these soups aren’t complete meal replacements; they’re intended as a dietary supplement meant to be used alongside a healthy exercise routine to help you naturally lose weight. 

Improve gut health 

Did you know that soup cleanses can also improve your gut health? All-natural vegetable soups are loaded with alkaline, minerals and phytochemicals.

These populate the GI tract with beneficial probiotic bacteria to boost your immunity and encourage diversity in your gut microbiome for a healthy digestive system. 

Studies have also highlighted that vegetable soup cleanses can help fight inflammation and relieve arthritis symptoms when eaten daily. 

Easy to digest 

One of the biggest benefits of soup cleanses is how they aid in digestion. Blended soups have already sliced and diced up the solid vegetables into a smooth, drinkable form that enables our bodies to get the nutrition it needs, without using up too much energy.  


There are also environmental benefits to vegan soup cleanses and vegan diets in general. Farming vegan foods requires less land and doesn’t pollute the air like factory farms do. 

So, why not try something different and cleanse your body of harmful toxins by opting for a vegetable soup cleanse diet this year – perfect for getting healthy during cold winter months! 

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