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pliability Announces First Sport-Specific Mobility Path For Golfers

lee westwood being filmed hitting golf balls

Mobility and recovery app pliability, announces the launch of its first sport-specific tailored mobility path for Golf.

Designed to be accessible for the golfing community, from golfers, coaches and physios, and the general public, the new Golf Path launch is another step towards pliability’s evolution to educate and demonstrate that movement health is essential for everyone, every day. 

The Golf Path released today is pliability’s first official step to address sport-specific mobility needs, as a tailored extension of pliability’s foundational daily mobility routines, backed by its professional golfer, Lee Westwood, who was added to its athlete roster last year.

Using corrective, passive, preventative, and protective exercises, pliability’s golf content will help improve longevity in the game while focusing on one of the most overlooked aspects of golf—mobility.

Lee Westwood, professional golfer, says: “The importance of mobility is often overlooked by amateur golfers. Throughout my career mobility has been something I focused on and probably even more so at this stage of my career.

I’m excited to share pliability’s Golf Path with the world and hope to see more golfers focusing on their mobility and health off the course, to enhance performance on the course.”

pliability’s golf content will be launched as an ongoing series; the first release focuses on 15-minute long daily sessions with no equipment needed.

The moves are corrective exercises executed for a set amount of time, allowing users to use the app anytime and anywhere. Following this first release will be additional golf mobility content featuring quick 5-10 minute warm-ups to do at the driving range or on the golf course. 

Users can expect guided videos provided through a native multi-platform ecosystem and science-backed assessments to accommodate all users’ needs.

pliability worked with a team of golf mobility experts, including some of the best Tour Pros, golf coaches and golfers of all shapes and sizes to understand the exact needs of different players and how pliability can tailor its golf mobility paths and keep golfers on the course.

Blair Wheeler stretching using a golf club

Blair Wheeler, Golf Partnerships Manager at pliability says: “pliability’s entry into golf is an exciting first step for delivering sport-specific mobility content.

Golfers tend to neglect stretching and mobility, and with pliability offering daily mobility routines specific to golfers, it will be easier for golfers to fit mobility into their busy schedules.

We’re excited for this first Golf Paths to launch and have something for you, no matter your handicap. Whether you’re playing for State Champions, Majors, or just your weekly skins game, pliability is something that every golfer can do to help their game and their body.”

The release of pliability’s first Golf Path is just the first step in its deep dive into golf. pliability’s mission is to educate consumers within the golf space and beyond, to help every player, from those chasing Majors to those trying to Break 90, to play better golf and improve their flexibility for overall wellbeing and movement, on and off the course. 

Designed to be used as a basic component of any training plan, pliability’s on-demand, science-backed routines for stretching, breathing, and mindfulness are designed to enhance active lifestyles, to unlock your body, and to allow you to move freely.

The pliability app is available to download now on iOS, Android and any web browser. Videos can be watched on-demand, streamed to any screen, or downloaded for offline use.

All users get a 7-day free trial before a flat rate of $17.95 / £16.95 per month or $179.95 / £169.95 Annually. .