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Stewart Golf Tees Up Unforgettable Golden Ball Promotion: A Golf Industry Game-Changer

Stewart Golf R1-S Push

In a bold move that defies convention, British golf trolley manufacturer Stewart Golf is revolutionizing sales events with its highly anticipated Golden Ball promotion.

Inspired by the iconic Wonka “Golden Ticket” concept, this groundbreaking campaign features hidden Golden Balls tucked away inside newly purchased golf trolleys.

But unlike a factory tour, Stewart’s Golden Ball winners will be rewarded with a complete refund of their order value, including any accessories they’ve purchased.

Building on the success of their previous Black Friday event, aptly named “The Glitch,” Stewart Golf is unleashing the Golden Ball promotion as their first major event of 2023.

As golfers eagerly unwrap their new trolleys, the chance to discover a hidden Golden Ball adds an extra layer of excitement.

And if that weren’t enticing enough, Stewart is also offering a sitewide sale, guaranteeing golfers a minimum of 15% off all new golf trolleys and accessories. This exclusive sale will continue until the final Golden Ball has been claimed.

The Golden Ball extravaganza isn’t limited to one region. It spans both the United Kingdom and the United States, reflecting Stewart Golf’s remarkable growth in the American market.

In fact, the USA has become Stewart’s largest global market, benefitting from a surge in walking golf post-Covid. The company’s presence in the US continues to expand, driven by their commitment to innovation and exceptional customer experiences.

2023 has already been a milestone year for Stewart Golf. They kicked off with a company-wide rebrand, unveiling their fresh new identity.

Subsequently, they introduced two groundbreaking products: the R1-S Push and the award-winning VERTX Remote. The latter, equipped with groundbreaking Active Terrain Control technology, has revolutionized the golf industry.

Among the highlights of the Golden Ball promotion is Stewart’s acclaimed Q Follow, the ultimate golfing companion coveted by players worldwide.

Recently recognized in MyGolfSpy’s esteemed “Most Wanted” list for 2023, the Q Follow has also earned accolades from Golf Monthly and Today’s Golfer, solidifying its status as a must-have item for serious golf enthusiasts.

Mark Stewart, the CEO of Stewart Golf, expressed his enthusiasm for the Golden Ball promotion, stating, “There has never been a better time than now for golfers to upgrade to a Stewart trolley, with the chance of winning your entire order for free!

The Glitch was an incredible success last year and received a great reception from our customers, so we’re hoping to see a similar pattern once again with Golden Ball!”

Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey with Stewart Golf, where every purchase holds the promise of a golden surprise.