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Garmin Unveils Sweeping Updates To Its Flagship Fēnix Lineup Of Rugged Multisport Smartwatches

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Last updated on July 30th, 2022 at 10:05 AM

Garmin, announce the fēnix® 7 Series, the next generation of its flagship solar-enhanced multisport GPS smartwatch lineup, enhanced to help athletes and adventurers perform at their best. 

Purpose-built to improve athletic achievement day in and day out, the fēnix 7 Series enhances the reliable 5-button interface with a responsive touch screen, it adds innovative new training features, multi-band positioning and multi-continent mapping, all integrated in a tough housing with protective button guards and metal-reinforced lugs. 

And with advanced solar charging for extended battery life, users can enjoy more time for adventure between charges.

“We have been committed to helping athletes pursue their passions since the introduction of the fēnix 10 years ago, and we remain steadfast in our mission to bring innovative tools to the wrists of those it was designed for,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales.

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“The fēnix 7 Series brings cutting-edge training and multisport features to the wrist. With its latest design upgrade, Garmin’s best-in-class performance metrics and health/wellness tracking, fēnix 7 provides serious athletes everything they need for peak performance.”

Performance design

Built for rugged reliability from premium materials like titanium and sapphire, the fēnix 7 Series comes in three sizes and has been redesigned for ultra-durability with reinforced lugs and metal button guards. 

Trusted button controls are matched with a responsive new touchscreen interface for dual utility, improving daily smartwatch interaction and map navigation. 

The powerful 5-buttons and touchscreen interface enables quick and intuitive engagement with the topographical maps, offering confident “off-grid” situational awareness.

With the introduction of Sapphire Solar models, users do not have to choose between solar capabilities and a scratch-resistant sapphire lens, as they had done previously for the fēnix 6 Series. 

Garmin have also improved the solar harvesting capability up to 200% in smartwatch mode from fēnix 6 Solar to fēnix 7 Solar. 

The updated fēnix design maximises solar surface area for increased efficiency including doubling solar gains from fēnix 6 to fēnix 7 in smartwatch mode. 

The solar-enabled fēnix 7X models can go even longer between charges with a battery life of up to 5 weeks in smartwatch mode1 and up to 5 days in GPS mode2.

fēnix 7X introduces an integrated hands-free quick-access multi-LED flashlight. This multi-purpose task light is a game-changer for sport, adventure and daily life.

While setting up camp or running in the dark, a red or adjustable white light will brighten the way for greater visibility and situational awareness.

With running mode enabled, the light will match to a runner’s cadence, alternating between white and red with each arm swing so they can see and be seen, taking each stride with confidence.

Advanced training

Take training to the next level with sports apps from bouldering to mountain climbing to strength training and beyond. Plus tools for optimal performance, including:

  • To avoid burnout, the new Real-Time Stamina tool allows athletes to monitor and track exertion levels during a run or bike activity.
  • The new Visual Race Predictor feature takes into account running history and overall fitness to provide race estimates and insights into how training is progressing.
  • Post workout, Recovery Time Advisor takes into account training intensity and other factors like stress, daily activity and sleep to estimate the number of hours of rest needed to properly recover before another session of the same exertion.
  • Daily Workout Suggestions gives a recommended next run or ride workout based on current training load, training status and overall fitness level.

Trusted tool

Packed with Garmin’s full suite of navigation features, the fēnix 7 Series supports all major satellite systems along with the additional L5 frequency range for improved accuracy in challenging GPS environments. 

All fēnix 7 watches are preloaded with the SkiView™ maps and 42,000 golf courses.  Standard and Solar models allow for downloadable TopoActive maps from any region around the world. 

Sapphire Solar models are preloaded with TopoActive maps for your region and also allow users to download any region from around the world. 

Save precious time on race day with the new Up Ahead feature that provides exact locations of aid stations, trails, next turn, etc. 

At user-defined checkpoints, a data page displays performance metrics that include upcoming distance and elevation— with a summary of the last split with optional rest timer—all in an effort to help athletes manage their time during competition.

Everyday utility 

Designed to be worn all day, every day, the fēnix 7 Series features 24/7 health and wellness tools including Pulse Ox, wrist-based heart rate, respiration and stress tracking, plus Garmin wellness insights such as Body Battery™, Fitness Age and Sleep Score with Advanced Sleep Monitoring3.

After catching some Z’s, see how much time was spent in each sleep stage and gain personalised insights into how activity, stress levels, and bedtimes influenced a good night’s rest with a score from 0-100.

When paired with a compatible smartphone, receive all smart notifications right on the wrist, with the ability to toggle on and off or disable during an activity. 

Safety and tracking features provide peace of mind while training outdoors with automatic incident detection and manually triggered assistance alerts, both of which send a message with the users real-time location to emergency contacts.4 

Users can access the Garmin Pay™ contactless payment solution,and enjoy music playlists from streaming services6 such as Spotify®, Amazon Music and Deezer, which come preloaded on the fēnix 7 Series through the new Connect IQ Store On Device.

The new Connect IQ Store On Device allows users to discover recommended apps and install over Wi-Fi directly from the watch, no phone required.

Available models include fēnix 7S, fēnix 7 and fēnix 7X, with options for standard (non-solar), Solar and Sapphire Solar Editions, and have a suggested retail price starting at £599.99. To learn more, visit garmin.com.

Engineered on the inside for life on the outside, Garmin products have revolutionised life for adventurers, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

Committed to developing products that enhance experiences and enrich lives, Garmin believes every day is an opportunity to innovate and a chance to beat yesterday.

For more information, visit Garmins at facebook.com/garmin.uktwitter.com/garminukinstagram.com/garminuk or linkedin.com/company/garminuk.

1Solar charging, assuming all-day wear with 3 hours per day outside in 50,000 lux conditions

2GPS Mode Disclaimer: Solar charging, assuming use in 50,000 lux conditions

3This is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition; see Garmin.com/ataccuracy. Pulse Ox not available in all countries.

When paired with a compatible smartphone. For safety and tracking features requirements and limitations, see Garmin.com/safety.

5View current supported country, payment network and issuing bank information
6Requires premium subscription with a third-party music provider