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Form Launches Carbon-Negative Kintsugi-Inspired Yoga Mats

form yoga mat scaled

Form, creators of the original certified-carbon-neutral circular yoga mats, have launched their new Kintsugi mat range ahead of the festive season. 

The mat is available in TravelPro Round (circular) and Pro Rectangular sizes.

Inspired by Kintsugi, the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. The philosophy behind this ancient tradition treats breakage and repair as an objects history, with the cracks and imperfections being used to tell a story rather than being disguised.

Whilst being inherently beautiful, this practice ensures that objects have a long life, ultimately promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of life. After all, beauty is found in imperfection.

This design is completed with the iconic Form Grid, developed to improve alignment and consistency throughout your workout. It also features sweat-activated grip, so perfect for a full-on session or for generally sweaty hands.

  • Form mats are made from recycled natural rubber and plastic bottles.
  • Pro and Travel mats are fully recyclable at the end of life.
  • The Onyx mat is biodegradable – takes 2 to 5 years to completely biodegrade.
  • One of the first round yoga mats in the world.
  • Free from toxic PVC/glue/silicone
  • >200%: the amount of our carbon which we offset making us very carbon negative

Form has officially achieved Climate Neutral Certified Status through measuring its 2019 greenhouse gas emissions footprint, purchasing carbon credits to offset that footprint and implementing plans to reduce emissions in the coming year. However, the company is carbon negative due to more than offsetting their footprint – a move that has been the case since the company was founded. 

The British brand was founded by Toby Marshman and his partner Heidi. Both whom are passionate about sustainable fitness and can contribute to features around this topic.

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