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More Than Half Of Us Will Turn Our Resolutions Into Firm Habits By Mid-February

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2022 IS THE year that more than half (60%) of us will have made our New Year’s resolutions a permanent lifestyle change, with a further 56% of us keeping our January promises by mid-February.

Getting fit and healthy and looking after our wellbeing are revealed as the top priorities for Brits in the next twelve months, with Thursday 17th February 2022 pinpointed as the turning point where New Year’s resolutions become firm habits and part of our daily routines.

According to a new survey of 1,068 UK adults carried out by Decathlon UK as part of the Decathlon Activity Index, more than half of Brits (51%) would like to focus on improving their wellbeing during 2022.

This surpasses improving their appearance, which followed next on the priority list as 35% of Brits want to improve the way they look and another 35% want to focus on being healthier.

It’s clear that the pandemic has significantly changed our attitudes towards health and wellbeing as a nation, with health topics including the coronavirus, the NHS and vaccinations forming part of the regular conversation of 2021.

This year, two-fifths of Brits (40%) vowed to get in shape and exercise more as part of their daily routines.

It’s women who have embraced fitness and a healthier lifestyle in 2022 most, with nearly half of females surveyed (45%) saying their main goal this year is to get in shape.

This was echoed by over a third of men (36%) who have made looking and feeling fitter one of their 2022 priorities.

When asked when their resolutions and promises might falter, only a third of Brits (33%) believed they would have stopped by the end of January.

In fact, by the third week of February many Brits would have stuck with their resolutions and turned them into permanent lifestyle changes and formed daily habits.

Thursday 17th February, 48 days into the year, is believed to be the date that a new daily fitness task such as working out becomes a formed healthy habit for Brits.

Top 10 reasons Brits have turned their resolutions into a formed healthy habit:

  1. To embrace and improve their wellbeing
  2. To feel more confident in how the way they look
  3. To continue to be healthier
  4. To continue to be fitter
  5. To improve their daily mood
  6. To relax and reduce stress
  7. To make up for overindulging in 2021
  8. To stay on track from a healthy start at the beginning of 2021
  9. To make friends and be more sociable
  10. To make exercise a priority rather than a chore

The Decathlon Activity Index tracks rates of participation in sport and other physical activities across the year through a national survey repeated every month throughout the year.

Nicola Barnabo, Decathlon’s Fitness Expert comments: “The rush of getting fit and healthy after the Christmas period is something we see year after year and sometimes those habits can wane by the end of January, but it’s fantastic to see that this year many of us are sticking to our new habits and making them a permanent part of our lives.

“Exercising is no longer just about improving our physical health – many of us are now embracing new sports and fitness activities for the mental health and wellbeing benefits, too.

Working out, keeping fit and looking after ourselves aren’t just for appearance or fitness goals, it can have a huge impact on our happiness whilst reducing stress levels.

“With the wide range of sports equipment, clothing, and accessories at Decathlon, we support anyone who is looking to embrace any kind of fitness or sport.

Whether it’s trampolining, canoeing, cycling, or getting ready for joining park runs or even training for your first marathon, Decathlon are here to help you get started.”

Decathlon has over 45 stores in the UK and sells a variety of sports equipment, clothing, and accessories perfect for those who want to get active, try out new sports or forms of exercise or simply lead a healthy lifestyle.

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