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Leading London Fitness Entrepreneur Offers NHS Space for 400 Beds

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The outbreak of Covid-19 has undoubtedly been crippling for the economy, especially the health and fitness Industry. London gyms have been forced to close their doors, and some gyms have even declared bankruptcy.

The speed with which the events have unfolded has been alarming at best and devastating at worst.

As brands seek to innovate and provide alternative services to fight against the pandemic, one London entrepreneur is leading the way by offering its studios to the NHS.

1Rebel Co-Founder James Balfour says he’s ready to hand over the keys to all 1Rebel’s London clubs for use by the NHS as Covid-19 spreads across the capital.

This amazing act of kindness is one of the many good news stories emerging from the overwhelming coverage on the pandemic. It demonstrates how we have an opportunity to show the best of who we are during darker times.

James says: “We estimate that, across our seven studios in central London, we could make space for 300–400 beds. There are also extended changing facilities, showers, and areas for IT facilities. There is great lighting and even the fact that we have sound systems – offering the opportunity to play music – could lift people’s spirits”

1Rebel has launched a new website which provides a detailed factsheet to all seven studios, providing all the information the NHS needs to decide if and how it might best use the space.

Together we can encourage more businesses to follow suit and demonstrate our support for the NHS during this time.