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What Does A Fitness Entrepreneur Look Like?

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THE LINE BETWEEN a celebrity and an average bloke is nearly indistinguishable. But celebrities tend to be more effective in attracting the spotlight by grabbing people’s attention in a cluttered media world.

Yet, this is why I love writing for Sustain Health because I get to choose whether a celebrity or regular person is the best fit for a magazine article.  

I’m featuring Wayne Lèal, our ‘Trainer of the Month, the creator of Super-A and Hood Fitness.

His newly created fitness platform recently collaborated with the two most prominent players in fitness, David Lloyd and Nuffield Health.

You can hear his interview with Eileen Willet on Wednesday, November 3rd, on – championed by Small Business Britain – who support all 5.8 million small businesses in the UK.

What is an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a single-minded individual who takes risks to enjoy the rewards of creating their own business.

Entrepreneurs are perceived as innovators, sources of new ideas, goods, services and companies. 

Entrepreneurs are crucial to every economy; using the skills and initiative necessary to anticipate needs and bring good new ideas to market.

Entrepreneurship that successfully takes on the risks of creating a start-up business is rewarded with profits, fame, and continued growth opportunities.

The flip side of that coin is that failure results in losses and less prevalence in the markets for those involved.

How to Become an Entrepreneur

There is no defined path to entrepreneurship, unlike traditional professions.

Neither is there a right or wrong way because what works for one entrepreneur might not work for the next. 

Wayne said that he’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit. But this latest venture is his most significant and best yet.

He soon learned that people who came to his studio were less interested in learning yoga than losing weight, toning up and getting body-confident.

Wayne said he saw a gap in the market and knew that he had what it took to make it work.

And what followed was Super-A: a dynamic lifestyle brand targeting the forty-plus demographic—providing an inter-generational, online platform full of wellbeing resources.

Wayne said that entrepreneurs face many obstacles when building their company, and the three that stood out as the most challenging for him were:

Ensuring Financial Stability 

While some entrepreneurs have built successful businesses on little money, financial support will ensure ongoing funding. 

Wayne said: “There is nothing worse than worrying about money when you need time to build a successful business.

I turned to my friend Josh for initial Super-A funding and as an investment partner to advance the business.”

Build a Diverse Skill Set

“Once you have finance in place, it is essential to build a diverse set of skills. It gives you a toolkit that you can rely on when faced with challenging situations.

Sometimes the phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ comes to mind. But when you eventually have a team, you will empathise with the difficult moments they will encounter.”

Network Like Crazy

“The reality is you can’t do it alone. The fitness world is a cut-throat one and getting any help – employed or otherwise – always helps to reduce the time it takes to achieve a successful business.

Keep a lookout and try to network at every opportunity. A simple introduction to the right person can be the difference between success and failure.

Networking with Kristen Westwood and Mo Bouarmi – the respective GM’s of David Lloyd and Nuffield Health – endorsed Super-A as a valid exponent of fitness.”

Wayne’s interview will be aired on on Wednesday, November 3rd.

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