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Are You Having Trouble Finding Love on Dating Apps?


Trying to find your ideal partner based only on pictures and a bio can be intimidating and challenging but that is just the nature of online dating apps. Apps which have revolutionised the dating industry and made searching for love more convenient.

As individuals try to reveal much information as possible to make themselves appealing – how do people feel when a user lists a habit such as smoking? In fact, statistics from popular dating app ‘Hinge’ shockingly show that cigarette smokers are 61% more likely to be rejected.

Interested in cigarette smokers on dating apps, surveyed 1,264  non-smoking Brits (Men – 632 and Women – 632) to see how they would perceive an individual who states they are a smoker on a dating app based on just the words they would associate with them. found that men (19%) are more likely to find smoking an attractive attribute on dating apps than women (10%).

Contrastingly, a greater percentage of females (66%) compared to males (53%) think a person who openly admits to smoking on a dating app is an unattractive trait.

Interestingly, significantly more women (61%) than men (48%) view those who say they smoke on dating apps as an unfashionable thing to do.

Given the widely documented health-problems linked to smoking, it is perhaps unsurprising that an overwhelming 81% of women and 76% of men feel an individual who claims they smoke on a dating app will be unhealthy.

Perhaps related to being aware of the toll cigarettes can have on mental and physical health yet taking the decision to smoke anyway – more women (74%) than men (65%) consider a singleton who says they smoke on a dating app to be unintelligent.

Moreover, given it be the primary reason why many turn to cigarettes – a larger percentage of women (48%) in contrast to men (34%) perceive a person who smokes as likely to be stressed.

Additionally, asked the respondents if they were to ‘swipe right’/ ‘like’ a smoker on a dating app and then go onto have a successful date, what their top five smoking-related concerns would be if they were contemplating pursuing a serious relationship with them. discovered that the number one concern for men (70%) and women (76%) is the potential impact cigarettes may have on the smoker’s health in the long-run. Thereafter, both genders (men – 64% and women – 71%) are equally worried about the personal health implications of being consistently around a partner who smokes.

The only aspect men (59%) are notably more concerned about than women (50%) is the oral hygiene/health (e.g. yellow teeth, bad breath etc.) of a smoker.