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Energize Your Day with The Fast 800 Coffee Crunch Protein Bar: A Delicious Boost for Your Health and Fitness Journey

Fast 800 Coffee Crunch 45g Protein Bar

Dr Michael Mosley and his team at The Fast 800 have launched a brand-new Coffee Crunch Protein Bar that offers a convenient source of plant-based protein.

The healthy coffee-flavoured bar is a handy source of nutrition, with nearly 14g of protein and more than 9g of fibre. 

It is low in carbohydrates, with no added sugar or artificial ingredients. Plus, it’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The coffee flavour is satisfying for people with a sweet tooth, with the convenience of a quick and nutritious protein boost. 

Dr Mosley explains, “It is really important to get lots of protein in your diet, ideally at least 60-80g a day.

Eating more protein will not only fill you up and aid weight loss, but protein is also essential for a healthy immune system and for building bone and muscle.

The best way to get the protein you need is from whole foods at mealtimes, but we understand that life is busy and sometimes you need an easy and convenient alternative to help you get through the day.

That is why we developed The Fast 800 Protein Bar. With a delicious coffee flavour and nearly 14g of protein, it’s a convenient way to top up your protein at mealtimes.”

Dr Mosley goes on to explain “Just like the rest of The Fast 800 product range, our Coffee Crunch Protein Bar is packed full of natural ingredients.

While it is a processed food, it’s certainly not in the same realm of ultra-processed foods we advise people to avoid.

There is a great amount of fibre in each bar, quality protein and no artificial ingredients. They are beneficial for those wanting to lose weight, retain muscle mass and want a convenient protein source in a hurry.” 

The Fast 800 Coffee Crunch Protein Bar is not intended to be used as a meal itself, but should be enjoyed as a convenient and healthy protein source as part of a Mediterranean-style diet.  

Pascal Sedgwick, Exercise Manager for The Fast 800 explains why he loves these nifty bars: “Working in fitness through my career, I’ve seen my fair share of protein products loaded with artificial ingredients.

I love that The Fast 800 Protein Bar is packed with natural ingredients to support my nutrition.”  

Pascal goes on to say “Protein is key for maintaining muscle mass, so I’ve been enjoying having the Protein Bar on hand to top up my protein intake on days I’ve done a resistance workout.

I love that this bar gives me approx. 14g of protein without having to make a protein shake or smoothie. It’s such a useful tool to have on busy days.”

The Fast 800 Nutritionist, Gabrielle Newman explains: “Protein is critical on any weight loss or health improvement journey.

As much as I love cooking and try to be organised with my food, there are some busy days where I struggle to get enough protein in.

I’ve found The Fast 800 Coffee Crunch Protein Bar to be a really useful tool when life has got the better of me.

I know on rushed mornings I can leave the house with a tub of Greek Yogurt and a Protein Bar and feel satisfied and energised through to lunchtime.”

The Fast 800 Coffee Crunch Protein Bar is the latest addition to the brand’s range of weight loss and fasting support products, all designed to provide convenient, healthy options on busy days.

The range now contains a collection of low-carb shakes, protein powder, soup, a variety of natural supplements and three delicious protein bar flavours!

In a nutshell, The Fast 800 Coffee Crunch Protein Bar is:

·         Vegan-friendly

·         High in protein (13.8g protein per bar)

·         No added sugar

·         High in fibre (9.3g of fibre per 45g bar)

·         Low in carbohydrates

·         Coffee flavour

·         Keto-friendly

·         186 calories per bar 

·         No artificial additives or preservatives

·         Made in the UK

Price and availability: The Fast 800 Coffee Crunch Protein Bars costs £26.99 for a box of 12 and is available to purchase from 

Ingredients snapshot: Chocolate Flavoured Coating with Sweetener (21%) (Cocoa Butter, Soya Flour, Sweetener [Xylitol], Cocoa Mass, Emulsifier [Lecithin], Natural Flavouring), Chicory Root Fibre, Pea Protein Isolate (16%), Soya Protein Nuggets (15%) (Soya Protein Isolate, Tapioca Starch, Sea Salt), Beet Fibre, Emulsifier (Lecithin), Humectant (Vegetable Glycerine), Peanut Paste (9%), Soya Protein Isolate (8%), Reduced Fat Cocoa Powder, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Natural Flavouring, Water, Thickener (Gum Acacia), Green Tea Extract, Himalayan Salt, Sweetener (Steviol Glycosides from Stevia), Acidifying Agent (Citric Acid).

Energy1726 kJ413 kcal776 kJ186 kcal
  Of which saturates9.7g4.4g
  Of which are sugars2.7g1.2g
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