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Ellie Aldridge To Represent Great Britain At Paris Olympics In Women’s Kite Class

Ellie Aldridge wave skimming

Ellie Aldridge, has been selected as the sole representative for Great Britain in the women’s kite class at the Paris Olympics in 2024.

The news was announced from Bluewater, a leading sustainable water solutions provider, that Ellie Aldridge represents as their Sports and Sustainability Ambassador

This new fast and furious sailing discipline, introduced for the first time at the Olympic Games, has garnered significant attention within the sailing community and beyond.

Just two weeks ago, Aldridge achieved a historic victory by securing the European title in the women’s kite class. Her consistent performance and unwavering determination have earned her the coveted opportunity to represent her country on the world stage.

As a passionate advocate for sustainability, Aldridge’s journey aligns seamlessly with Bluewater’s commitment to a more sustainable future. Her selection for the Paris Olympics showcases her exceptional talent and highlights the importance of athletes who are champions in both sport and environmental stewardship.

“We are incredibly proud of Ellie and her remarkable achievements,” says Dave Noble, chief communications officer at Bluewater. He said her selection as the sole representative for Great Britain in the women’s kite class at the Paris Olympics further demonstrates her dedication, talent, and the recognition she has accomplished within the sailing community.

Ellie Aldridge (photo below) commented: “I have really enjoyed working with Bluewater over the past year, and I love being part of such an exciting brand that shares the same environmental beliefs. This year has been great, but I think 2024 can be even better!”

Bluewater founder and chief executive Bengt Rittri said 26-year-old Aldridge’s accomplishments have resonated within the sailing community and captivated media and the general public alike.

“As she prepares to compete on the grandest stage, Aldridge’s sporting and environmental journey inspires and motivates future athletes, encouraging them to pursue their dreams while actively contributing to a sustainable planet,” he said.