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Echelon Rower Machine In Review

Echelon Row 2

We have been putting the Echelon Row rowing machine through its paces for the last 4 weeks, and it did not disappoint.

Set up was easy, the rower took two of us 20 minutes to unpack and put together with no blood, sweat, or expletives spilled.

This is a full-size rower that can be easily accommodated in any home. The design has been so well thought out for a heavy and sturdy piece of equipment.

It is so easy to maneuver around thanks to heavy-duty wheels and a savvy handle and fits neatly into a corner when not in use.

With 32 levels of magnetic resistance, this is the quietest form of rowing machine. It’s so quiet you can even use it in the bedroom…. As we did, it was so quiet I could simply jump on while the other half was still asleep.

It’s hard to pick out the best bits as this is such a lovely piece of equipment, but for me, the seat… it has great butt width for those of us with a little more ‘junk in the trunk’ but is also comfortable. 

© Echelon

And I would say the ease of changing resistance.. The up and down buttons are cleverly located on the handlebar, meaning no clumsy stopping and overreaching to change levels as you are rowing… genius!

You don’t need any special screen for classes, simply hook up a tablet or smartphone into the multi-sized swing arm holder and off you go.

Classes are easy to select and your progress is simply stored, even my mum could navigate the Echelon classes.

The ‘novice’ sessions are great if you are new to rowing, teaching you body position, form, and movements to get you ready and make sure you don’t do yourself any damage, and how to get the most out of your rowing experience.

The Echelon classes are high quality and we can’t fault them. The instructors really do keep you motivated. You certainly won’t get bored, there are so many easy-to-follow, fun classes from beginner to advanced.

One day you can focus on your lower body, the next focus on power. There are even sections where you can simply go rowing up a river in Thailand (or other destinations)

If you have a little more space you can place your rower in front of the big screen and simply stream the classes through your tv.

I was more than happy with my tablet and headphones in while the hubby was still snoring his head off.

Overall, a great full-sized, well-built rowing machine, with fantastic maneuverability, and no awful noise, with the benefit of the vast array of classes on the Echelon app.

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