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How To Ease Yourself Back Into Your Post-Lockdown Gym Routine

Nadia Abreu

With the gyms now back open across England after lockdown restrictions were eased, many people are itching to get back into their usual fitness routine, achieve their health and fitness goals and get back into shape in time for some normality this coming summer. 

We had a chat with health and fitness expert Daine Mitchell from sports nutrition and health supplements brand, Maximuscle, who has provided expert tips on how to ease yourself back into the gym.


Bare in mind that you probably haven’t used heavy weights or been able to load your movements for quite a while now.

This means you will have to build your strength back up gradually to prevent injury and a week of DOMS.

Start at around 40-60% of your previous weights for the first couple of weeks before increasing weight and volume.


Your fitness level may not be the same as previously, but don’t worry, you won’t be the only one. Start off slowly and keep things simple.

Pick basic movements and fundamental movement patterns to start off with before trying anything too complex.


Consistency with training will lead to results and motivation. Start by planning your workouts ahead of time.

Making a plan and knowing what you are going to do, will make all the difference and prevent you from getting bored, frustrated, or leaving after only a couple of sets.

Plan training sessions that you enjoy and that are fun. When you get back into the swing of things and your training mojo returns, you can then mix things up again.


Fuelling your sessions will be important especially if your lockdown training hasn’t been as intense.

Making sure that you eat right pre and post-workout will guarantee a great training session. It will also assist with recovery afterwards so you can return back to the gym sooner with minimal muscle soreness.

Aim to consume a protein and carbohydrate meal or snack 60-90 mins before training and a recovery shake within 30 mins afterwards.


Warming up and cooling down is another simple thing that we can do which will be super beneficial to our training and recovery.

Many of us may not have been as active during lockdown as we were previously, we may also have spent extended times seated compared to usual.

This could lead to tighter muscles and restricted mobility. Ensuring we warm up correctly, will be key to getting blood flow around the body and preventing any injuries that could keep us from training even longer!

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