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Dennis Rodman “ManTFup” Products Launched To Boost Men’s Strength, Stamina & Energy

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ManTFup, a brand created by South Florida-based Dynamism Labs, LLC.  have announced that they have teamed up with Dennis Rodman, the legendary 5-time Pro Basketball Champion and Hall of Famer to promote a new product line which boosts men’s strength, stamina, and energy. 

During his wild, extremely decorated Professional Basketball career, Rodman has captured the world’s attention both on and off the court. Rodman secured 5 National Championship rings and held the record for the most rebounds per game over 7 consecutive years.

Rodman also was named part of the Basketball Hall of Fame’s Class in 2011.

Today at age 60, Rodman still has the same amount of energy and charisma as the 1990’s with a little help from ManTFup men’s product line which includes the Testosterone Booster and the Ultimate Beard Growth.  

Testosterone booster ($19.95 for 60 capsules) which helps men over 30 that may begin to experience loss in testosterone.

dennis rodman mantfup
© Dynamism Labs, LLC

This means feeling drained after minimal activity, lacking sex drive, or stressing over little things – this could mean declining testosterone levels. This is normal but now there’s something that can improve the situation.

Research shows that healthy levels of testosterone can make a big difference in overall wellbeing and lifestyle. Dynamism Labs has spent years formulating an all-natural Testosterone Booster to help improve energy and boost stamina for men.

This helps with improve heart and blood health, stronger bones, energy levels and mood, increase physical stamina and strength. 

Ultimate Beard Growth ($19.95 for 60 capsules) which helps for facial hair growth.

dennis rodman basketballer
© Dynamism Labs, LLC

This all-natural supplement that will assist I your beard growth and is formulated to build a sculpted, manly, full beard by working with your body to restore, stabilize and improve natural beard growth.

The product has no hidden ingredients and no side effects. By boosting collagen production, the Ultimate Beard Growth prevents hair loss, protects facial hair follicles from sun damage, improves hair and skin health, prevents skin dryness and even early wrinkles. 

Since 2018, Dynamism Labs has been producing a wide range of men’s boosting products. “At age 54, I use my own ManTFup T-booster on a daily basis and have seen fantastic results.

We couldn’t be more enthusiastic about Dennis’ involvement in our company and he’s the true essence of living life to the fullest,” says CEO and Founder, Leonard Novelli. 

Products are available for purchase on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay or directly at

Additionally, Dennis Rodman ManTFup GEAR is also available: T-shirts ($24.99) and Hats ($24.95). For more information about Dynamism Labs, LLC. and ManTFup products, visit or on Instagram @mantfupnow.