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Mountain Biker And Social Media Star Danny Macaskill Celebrates The Wheelie In His Latest Video Hit


In the summer of 2021, mountain biker and social media sensation Danny MacAskill put out a call to action to his 3.5 million social media fans asking them to #WheelieWithDanny.

Riders and fans applied from around the world to feature alongside Danny in his latest project from adidas Five Ten and Cut Media.

Join Danny MacAskill and a host of friends as he pushes the boundaries of the humble wheelie and learns a thing or two from friends old and new. 

There is something instinctive built into us humans, a force that it is within us all, no matter our age. From the first moment we put a leg over the frame of a bike and begin to pedal something takes over, and we are drawn to tug on the handlebars and lift the front wheel off the ground.

© Dave Mackinson & adidas Five Ten

The endorphins rush and a sense of shock turns to a smile – this is how it often begins, doing a wheelie for the first time.

The humble wheelie is a gateway into a whole new world that for many will become a lifelong passion. For Danny MacAskill his first wheelie would be the start of an incredible career; in his latest film ‘Do A Wheelie’, Danny shows just how much he loves some back-wheel action. 

Working in partnership with adidas Five Ten, Danny MacAskill has seen the explosion in popularity in cycling and wanted to take the opportunity to make a film that would showcase a collective of incredible talent from around 

© Dave Mackinson & adidas Five Ten

the world, old and new. With his social fans ready to engage, this was his first point of call. Through a series of social call outs, Danny asked his fans to #wheeliewithdanny and the response was jaw-dropping.

A simple scan of the hashtag and you will see the wheelie taken to the extreme and embraced by all ages. After long deliberation, Danny was set to choose several winners to be the stars of his latest film. 

“I’ve followed Danny on Instagram and his riding is insane; when I saw the #wheeliewithdanny competition, I  had to get involved. I’m not a trials rider but we are all about pushing the limits of what we can do on the back  wheel and reckoned we could even teach Danny a thing or two!”

– @SendItBrad’ (#WheelieWithDanny Winner) 

With the new breed of riders in the mix, Danny wanted to showcase the other end of the spectrum and knew  he had to reach out to his personal childhood hero, Hans Rey.

© Dave Mackinson & adidas Five Ten

Hans is a former trials World Champion, Five Ten teammate and legend of the mountain bike industry. At 55 years old he is not slowing down one bit and a  testament to the sport of mountain biking being for all ages. 

“Danny MacAskill has pushed the boundaries of the sport beyond what I could have ever imagined possible but, just like him, it started with that first wheelie for me too. I jumped at the chance to join Danny and help share  our love of some back-wheel action.”

Hans Rey, Professional Mountain Bike Rider 

The wheelie however is not exclusive to the mountain bike world and is embraced by all cycling disciplines and  Danny wanted to share this with the world and knew exactly who to reach out to.

Viola Brand is a social sensation in her own right, famed for incredible performances as an artistic cyclist, performing mind-melting routines on  her fixed gear bike. 

“My sport is definitely not as well-known as Mountain Biking but when I got the call from Danny I knew this was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. Danny is an incredibly talented athlete and to feature alongside him and show the world how I embrace the wheelie was special and we have more in common than not. We love bikes!” 

Viola Brand

Don’t be fooled by the title of Danny’s latest film, ‘Do A Wheelie’; there is a lot more on offer. You can expect to see a collection of tricks, incredible feats of skill and world firsts that Danny has become famous for.

As MacAskill ventures through a series of iconic Scottish locations, he pushes the boundaries of his riding across all types of bikes as well as being joined by a cast of riders who put Danny’s riding to the test. 

“I have seen first-hand the popularity of bike riding explode over the last few years and it puts a smile on my face to see so many people loving getting outside on their bikes.

Working with adidas Five Ten, we wanted to make a  film that included as many types of riding as possible and let other riders become the star of the film.

The wheelie was the best place to start, if you can ride a bike, you can have a good go at doing a wheelie and, from there, the opportunities are endless. We wanted to celebrate the wheelie, show how accessible riding bikes can be and put  a smile on peoples’ faces. If someone picks up a bike and has a big grin trying to wheelie, then job done.”

Danny  MacAskill 

“It’s been incredible to collaborate with Danny again. We’ve worked together a lot over the years and each time,  we aim to push the boundaries and do something different.

Bringing such a diverse range of talent together was super exciting, and amazing to see the variety of skills as everyone brought their own twist to the classic wheelie.  We had such a good time making this – we hope it’s as much fun to watch!” – Stu Thompson, Cut Media 

Mountain biking has become more popular by the day and participation is currently at an all-time high for this amazing sport. However, you do not need a mountain or a bike park to get out and enjoy your bike.

The wheelie is, for many, the first thing they will ever learn on a bike, but it can open the doors to an entirely new world. 

Joining forces, adidas Five Ten and Danny MacAskill want to share their passion for cycling. In this latest collaboration, they showcase how the humble wheelie has brought riders together from around the world in their love of bikes. Once again, Danny MacAskill is set to amaze riders and fans around the world in this latest production. 

Are you inspired by Danny’s Latest film? adidas Five Ten has teamed up with Danny MacAskill to give you the chance to learn from the master himself.

Head to and learn how to do a wheelie with Danny MacAskill.

Once you have mastered your wheelie, upload your best attempt to  Instagram and challenge two other friends to #DoAWheelie. 

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