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Palace Women Make Commitment To Players Crystal Clear With The Turmeric Co. Partnership

crystal palace women

Crystal Palace Women has committed to delivering leading nutritional support to its squad, by partnering with The Turmeric Co.

The Turmeric Co, founded by professional footballer Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu, has become Palace Women’s Official Turmeric Supplier for the 2021/22 FA Women’s Championship season.

“Curcumin supplementation has been shown in the scientific literature to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, decrease pain and muscle damage and aid superior recovery in athletes. These are significant benefits that will contribute to our players ability to recovery from training and match exertion, and as part of their nutritional planning, will help them to cope with the demands of the season.”

Dr. Andrew Greene, Head of Performance at Crystal Palace Women

The Turmeric Co. is the UK’s leading producer of naturally produced turmeric shots, which are used by a number of professional football clubs and elite athletes to enhance their recovery and holistic health. The Turmeric Co. has spent over a decade perfecting their range of turmeric shots, using raw and fresh turmeric root combined with other fresh ingredients.

The Turmeric Co. has recently announced partnerships with a range of other clubs and national governing bodies of sport, including British Gymnastics, Brentford, Wigan Warriors and the English Institute of Sport.

Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu, Founder and CEO at The Turmeric Co. added:

“Palace are building something special with their women’s side and have recognised the importance of natural nutrition to help the squad with managing their busy schedules by supporting recovery and immune health.

“They are making history every season it seems and are taking preparations to the next level off the pitch, to ensure continued improvements on the pitch. We are excited to be a part of this journey.” 

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