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WW Teams Up With HelloFresh To Provide Members With Healthy Meals Straight To Their Door

hellofresh weight watchers

Eating healthily and sticking to the WW plan will be easier than ever thanks to a six-month partnership with HelloFresh.

Alongside calories, WW SmartPoints will feature across six HelloFresh Calorie Smart recipes each week from Sept 2021 through to Feb 2022 so members can have confidence in which meals are best for them.

Every recipe in the partnership collection has been portioned by expert HelloFresh chefs, who have designed recipes all under 600 Kcals, so WW members can cook Calorie Smart recipes at home to stay on track with their weight loss and wellness journey.

“As WW’s programme is built to fit in with our lifestyles, Hello Fresh is just another way we can offer convenience, simplicity and delicious tasting meals to our members.

As we go back to some kind of normality and are becoming more time-poor, HelloFresh makes healthy eating even easier with SmartPointed meals delivered straight to your door,”  says Anna Hill, SVP, General Manager at WW UK.

“HelloFresh couldn’t be more excited to partner with WW to launch our latest Calorie Smart recipes, as we believe everyone should have the tools to make healthy meals from scratch. Packed full of flavour and all under 600 calories, our resident recipe developers have been working closely with the WW team to create 6 healthy meals each week which don’t compromise on taste. These delicious dishes have been designed to support those wishing to lead healthier lifestyles without missing out on the foods they enjoy, and we can’t wait for our customers to try them!” 

HelloFresh’s Head Chef, Andre Dupin

Throughout the partnership, there will be six Calorie Smart recipes to cook from scratch each week.

Packed with healthy ingredients such as leaner-cut proteins (chicken, fish, tofu etc), fruit, vegetables and balanced carbohydrates, all the ingredients are delivered to your door along with easy to follow recipe cards for convenient at home cooking. 

The recipes will include dishes such as:

Waldorf Style Salad with Chicken & Bacon 

Harissa Chicken + Fruity Jewelled Bulgur & Minty Yoghurt

Spicy Szechuan Glazed Pork Meatballs with Noodles & Crispy Shallot 

Spicy Cajun Prawn Risotto 

Spiced Yoghurt Coated Chicken with Roasted Squash, Cabbage, Broccoli & Curry Garlic Sauce 

Starting from £1.30pp, the 6 weekly SmartPointed HelloFresh recipes will be available to HelloFresh subscribers at

WW members will receive 60% off their first HelloFresh box and a further 35% weekly discount for three weeks thereafter. 

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