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Brits Report Strange Sleep Amid Covid-19 Pandemic


By David Saunders | UPDATED: 06:28, 30 April 2020

Sleep experts suggest that the Covid-19 pandemic could be behind a spike in vivid, and even unusual, dreams and nightmares.

Experts at personalised bedding specialists, nanu, have reported an uplift in customers reporting extreme and unwanted dreams as one of the recent reasons they are seeking a new pillow.

Jamie Moryoussef, spokesperson for nanu, said: “Dreams are actually a key part of how our brain makes sense of our lives, and the dreams we have are generated for many different reasons; be it to process our day, make sense of something upsetting, or to handle stress and trauma.

Dreaming acts like a virtual organiser, consolidating all of these issues for us while we’re in the land of nod.

“Most of us will remember few of our dreams and these dreams are rarely likely to impact how we feel once we wake up. Sadly, this may not currently be the case as this crisis continues to unfold, and anxieties around health, work, money and the future could be crossing over from our real world into our subconscious while we’re asleep.”

Experts at Nanu have researched what 10 of the most common vivid dreams mean. These include:

  1. Teeth falling out suggests worries about personal appearance and/or worries about others’ perceptions

  2. Being chased may mean a real-life anxiety – or an anxiety about the dreamer’s own personality – is creeping up on them

  3. Being unable to find a toilet may indicate holding back true feelings about someone or something

  4. Being naked in public suggests worries about being exposed as a fraud or being wrongly accused of something

  5. Going into an exam with no preparation reflects a lack of self-belief

  6. Fear of flying could mean the dreamer is afraid they can’t live up the tough goals they set for themselves

  7. The feeling of falling usually indicates overwhelming anxiety

  8. An out of control vehicle may mean the dreamer is worried about a lack of control in where their life is headed

  9. Finding a brand-new room in a building you know well suggests a new (and positive) outlook is just around the corner

  10. Being late suggests the dreamer is worried about time slipping away or that they simply won’t achieve what they need to in the time they have left

Nanu has also compiled some top tips for improving sleep quality during the Covid-19 crisis.

Jamie Moryoussef, comments: “The run up to bedtime has a major effect on the quality of our sleep: try to destress before your head to bed, cut back on social media browsing ahead of turning in and stick to a routine if you can.

“It’s also advisable to make your bed a real haven. Customised bedding that allows you to cocoon yourself, along with a duvet that’s the right tog so you sleep at your own ideal temperature, can really have an impact on how comfortable a good night’s sleep is.”

Nanu creates personalised pillows according to your favourite sleeping position, height, weight and preferred firmness, ensuring each individual gets their perfect night’s sleep. It also offers the Hot&Not duvet; a split duvet that can offer the individual, ideal temperature for two partners sleeping alongside one another. Get yours at