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EMS Training Poised for Expansion Across the UK


Bodystreet, an innovative workout studio that combines personal training with Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), is expanding its UK operation with two new studios in Coventry and Edinburgh.

The new EMS studios join Bodystreet’s growing UK operation of six existing franchises including locations in Worthing, Milton Keynes, Gibralter, North London, Sutton Colfield and Bristol. The Edinburgh location will be the only EMS provider in Scotland.

Mark Holland, Master franchisor for the UK, has seen considerable growth of his operation since introducing the concept to the UK in 2017. Membership across the six sites has grown consistently month on month, with membership increasing by 25% in January 2019 alone.

“Growth of the EMS market in the UK continues,” says Holland. “Our Gibraltar location, for example, has seen a 40% growth in members since November 2018. Because the training is so effective and requires just 20 minutes once per week, we see huge growth potential in the UK.

The reality is that the UK population is getting busier and more overweight. Bodystreet, through EMS training, offers the perfect solution to help these people. My personal goal is to have 200 studios by 2025.”

Bodystreet uses specialised EMS equipment from miha bodytec, the leading manufacturer of EMS technology. Already hugely popular in Germany, Bodystreet is leading the growth of specialised EMS studios in the UK as popularity continues to increase.

While training, impulses are delivered to the body through a specially designed training suit containing electrodes. The extra stimulation creates stronger, more intense muscle contractions than conventional training, making EMS much more effective in developing strength, stamina and improving body shape.

“The market potential for EMS training is vast,” says Phil Horton, Country Director for the UK at miha bodytec. “EMS is great for body sculpting, for athletes looking to get that extra edge, or for people recovering from injuries as a form of rehab.

It can also be a great way to tap into an entirely new market – previously inactive individuals who don’t like a typical gym environment. The proven model provides fast ROI, which in turn, provides the opportunity for rapid expansion.”

Bodystreet launched with a single micro-studio in Munich in Germany in 2007 and after two years of proving the concept, expanded as a franchise system. Now, the number of studios has grown to almost 300 across Germany, Austria, Italy and the UK training more than 40,000 people every week.

The Coventry and Edinburgh studios are set to open in late March.

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