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Revving Art and Fashion: PUMA and BMW M Motorsport Unveil Limited-Edition Roy Lichtenstein Collection

BMW MMS Art Cars Lichtenstein

PUMA and BMW M Motorsport announce their latest collaboration, bringing the world of automotive, art and fashion together.

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the legendary artist Roy Lichtenstein, PUMA and BMW M Motorsport are joining forces to pay homage to his enduring legacy.

Through a unique capsule collection that marries Lichtenstein’s iconic BMW Art Car with PUMA’s distinctive style, this collaboration not only commemorates the artist’s centenary but also revives the spirit of his groundbreaking work for a new generation of art and fashion enthusiasts. 

In 1977, the third BMW Art Car emerged as an artistic triumph, born from the imaginative genius of the American Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

This race car, a BMW 320i Turbo, was transformed into a mobile masterpiece, adorned with Lichtenstein’s distinctive “Ben-Day dots” artwork.

The design gave the illusion of a moving landscape with the sun rising on the one side and setting down on the other referencing the twenty-four-hour cycle of the race in Le Mans where the car proved itself in the gruelling motorsport arena, achieving 9th place overall and first in its class.

Now, the spirit of that iconic Art Car is reborn in a unique collection that combines the artistry of Roy Lichtenstein with the dynamic essence of PUMA and BMW M Motorsport.

This limited-edition capsule is designed to reflect the racing spirit and artistic innovation that has been at the core of the BMW Art Car project for decades.

It pays homage to an artist, who in his practice constantly sought to blur the distinction between high and low art by creating everyday objects from magazine covers and shirts to champagne bottles alongside his famous canvases.

The collection consists of a full outfit, featuring a jacket, pants, tee, cap, and PUMA Suedes, each meticulously crafted to showcase the captivating design elements inspired by Lichtenstein’s BMW 320i Turbo Art Car.

The visual language of “Ben-Day dots” and the vivid colour palette combine to create a striking and memorable ensemble.

The Art Car Collection by Roy Lichtenstein from PUMA and BMW M Motorsport is set to be a collector’s dream. This is now available in selected PUMA stores and online via

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