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THESE Are The Premier League Teams That Experienced The Largest Growing Fanbase In 2023

Inside West Ham United Stadium Stratford

The excitement of the 2024 January transfer window has fans on the edge of their seats, eager to see which new players will join their favourite teams.

Beyond the on-field action, clubs also vie for attention, seeking to expand their fanbases with strategic moves.

SeatPick, armed with insights from the marketing analytics tool Social Blade, embarked on a journey to unravel the mysteries of Premier League fanbase growth and here’s what was discovered:

1. Luton Town’s Meteoric Rise: 336.4% Growth

In a surprising turn of events, Luton Town emerged as the Premier League team with the most significant fanbase growth in 2023, boasting a staggering 336.4% increase.

From a modest 74,737 Instagram followers in January, the team’s promotion to the Premier League catapulted them to an additional 251,396 followers.

The unique charm of Luton Town’s stadium and its distinctive away end architecture, nestled among residential houses, sparked football fans’ curiosity and passion.

2. Brighton and Hove Albion’s Triumph: 145.4% Surge

Securing the second spot is Brighton and Hove Albion, achieving a remarkable 145.4% increase in Instagram followers.

This surge, 130% higher than rival Crystal Palace FC’s growth, can be attributed to Brighton’s exceptional sixth-place finish in the 22-23 season, earning them a spot in the UEFA Europa League for the first time in their history.

3. Nottingham Forest’s Resurgence: 87% Climb

Nottingham Forest takes third place with an 87% boost in Instagram followers, amassing an impressive 472,271 new fans.

The club’s journey from just over half a million followers in January to now crossing the million mark (1,015,340) showcases the power of strategic growth efforts.

The results: Premier League teams with the largest growing fanbase in 2023 

#Premier League Team Instagram HandleJanuary 2023 Instagram followersOctober 2023 Instagram followersIncrease in followers% Percentage increase
1Luton Townlutontown74,737326,133251,396336.4%
2Brighton and Hove Albionofficialbhafc678,2471,664,585986,338145.4%
3Nottingham Forestofficialnffc543,0691,015,340472,27187.0%
4West Ham Unitedwestham2,309,7913,917,8131,608,02269.6%
5Newcastle United FCnufc1,372,2632,311,531939,26868.4%
6Fulham FCfulhamfc702,6521,013,394310,74244.2%
   7Brentord FCbrentfordfc336,513478,042141,52942.1%
8Aston Villa F.C.avfcofficial2,454,8123,454,674999,86240.7%
10Manchester Citymancity37,584,12648,784,72311,200,59729.8%
11Bournemouth FCafcb662,950804,983142,03321.4%
12Sheffield Unitedsheffieldunited559,354668,488109,13419.5%
13Wolverhampton Wandererswolves2,173,9622,573,257399,29518.4%
14Crystal Palacecpfc1,542,5161,787,060244,54415.9%
15Arsenal FCarsenal24,075,52927,776,5253,700,99615.4%
16Tottenham Hotspurspursofficial14,348,45016,270,5151,922,06513.4%
17Chelsea FCchelseafc37,043,63941,214,4544,170,81511.3%
18Everton FCeverton2,808,6473,046,869238,2228.5%
19Liverpool FCLiverpoolfc41,185,37043,331,3172,145,9475.20%
20Manchester United FCmanchesterunited60,588,24463,051,5812,463,3374.10%

The Underdog Story: Manchester United’s 4.1% Inch

Contrary to expectations, football giants Manchester United experienced the smallest increase in Instagram followers in 2023, with a modest 4.1% uptick.

This growth, 25.7% smaller than rival Manchester City, is still noteworthy, pushing Manchester United’s follower count to a staggering 2,463,337.

Match Day Magic: Beyond Instagram

While Instagram offers a digital connection, nothing beats the electrifying experience of a match day. In the ever-evolving landscape of football fandom, each team’s unique journey contributes to the rich tapestry of Premier League narratives.

As we eagerly anticipate more twists and turns in the 2024 season, the digital realm remains a key battleground for clubs aiming to capture the hearts and screens of fans worldwide.

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