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What Are The Top 3 Fitness Trampolines/Rebounders For 2024?

Single Rebounder Workout

Fitness trampolines (or ‘rebounders’, as they’re also known) are designed for at-home workouts that burn calories and put a smile on your face. 

The benefits of fitness trampolines range from improved heart health to better balance. Fitness trampolines provide effective cardiovascular exercise and strengthen your lower body muscles simultaneously.

They also force you to engage your core, helping improve your balance and coordination while strengthening your pelvic floor muscles as a bonus.

So, what is the best fitness trampoline to provide the same sweaty benefits as a gym session or a 5K run but without the knee pain?

  • Best overall JUMPGA  
  • Best value fitness trampoline Boogie Bounce 
  • Best budget fitness trampoline Opti 

What to look for in a fitness trampoline

There are a few things to consider when choosing which fitness trampoline. A good quality rebounder will have a thick mat, but not so tight that you can’t jump on it.

These days, most are made with material bungees, as opposed to regular metal springs – which I would avoid as they tend to result in a ‘harder’ landing, and can hurt if you accidentally step or land on the springs. The best rebounders for home use usually have foldable legs for storage.

How I tested the best fitness trampolines

For each fitness trampoline, I was looking for quality of construction, usable size and weight, ease of storage (some fold, some don’t) and extras, including workout guides. 

Best fitness trampolines


Woman on Rebounder


Best overall, 10/10

We like: Super stylish design 

We don’t like Scarcity. There is a limited supply

  • 35cm height, 112cm diameter, 10kg weight
  • Max user weight 200kg
  • Choice of foldable or screw-in legs

Professional athletes and German football clubs use the Jumpga. It is uncomplicated compared to the other trampolines with their various nuts and bolts to screw on.

The Jumpga slipped straight out of the box, legs already attached. All it took was folding them out again, and it was ready to go.

What initially struck me was how good it looked. With a matt black base and white bungees, it made my living room look very stylish. 

I found the size accommodating and made it easy for a beginner like me to get to grips with bouncing up and down without worrying about falling off.

The mat felt strong enough to get my legs working as I pushed down hard with every jump.

2. Boogie Bounce

£119, Boogie Bounce

Best value fitness trampoline, 8/10

We like: All the accessories you might want are included

We don’t like: Not the most stylish

  • 27cm height, 120cm diameter (frame), 9.2kg weight
  • Max user weight 127kg
  • Foldable
  • Added extras: T-bar handle, gripper socks, carry bag, spare parts.

The Boogie Bounce took a little longer to set up as the legs needed to be attached. That said, no screwdriver was necessary – with a bit of leg-twisting and a hard yank to unfold the mat, it was up in a few minutes.

A little smaller than the Jumpga, it fitted nicely in my living room, but the overall look is nowhere as good as the Jumpga.

One of the best things I thought about the Boogie Bounce was the accessories in the box. Along with grippy socks and a T-bar handle, which I needed for the first few minutes at least. Bonus points for the height adjustability.

3. Opti

The mat itself was sturdy and secure. The bungees felt quite strong with not too much give when I bounced, but I quickly got used to it, and it made for a good workout as your feet have to push down hard.

£40, Argos

Best budget fitness trampoline, 7/10

We like: A great budget option

We don’t like: Doesn’t fold away

  • 22cm height, 91.5cm diameter (frame), 5.5kg weight
  • Max user weight 100kg
  • Not foldable
  • Added extras: None

I wasn’t expecting to feel such a big difference when trying the Opti compared to the higher-priced trampolines, but it felt like something was missing as I started to bounce.

Because it uses springs instead of the others’ cord bungees, the bottom of the bounce feels a little flat. There is also a slight squeaking sound, which isn’t present on the other models.

The Opti does the job; if budget is a constraint, it’s not a bad option. It is simple to set up by just screwing the legs in (no screwdriver necessary) but isn’t capable of folding away afterwards.


What’s the difference between a trampoline and a fitness trampoline?

Unlike the children’s variety, fitness trampolines are designed to live inside the house. They are generally relatively small in diameter and have short legs attached to the mat’s bottom.

You can set them up in your living room or elsewhere. Just make sure it’s on a non-slip surface to keep it safe. Most come with rubber caps on the bottom for this purpose.

How many calories does a trampoline burn?

The number of calories you can burn with a fitness trampoline depends on various factors such as your weight, muscle mass and metabolism.

And did you know you’ll burn the same calories in a 30-minute trampoline session as in a 30-minute run.

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